Good news | Beijing Beijian University Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. Xiangshan Studio’s work – Shijiazhuang Eastern

Recently, the Xiangshan Studio of Beijing Beijian University Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiangshan Studio) won the China Hospital Design Craftsmanship Award for its work, the Shijiazhuang Eastern Regional Medical Center – Gaocheng District People’s Hospital!.

This project is scheduled to complete acceptance in October 2026. After the completion of the project, it will become the only comprehensive medical institution, designated hospital for epidemic treatment, and medical center for the eastern region of Shijiazhuang in Gaocheng District, Shijiazhuang City. The service scope covers some residents of Gaocheng District, Wuji County, Shenze County, Jinzhou City, and Zhao County. It will be conducive to further improving the level of medical and health service system construction in Gaocheng District and even the eastern region of Shijiazhuang, optimizing the allocation of health resources, and meeting the medical and health needs of the general public in the district and surrounding counties!.

Name: New Campus of Gaocheng People’s Hospital in Shijiazhuang City (Phase I).

Construction content: Building new outpatient, emergency, medical technology, and inpatient buildings; Fever Clinic Building; Research and Teaching Comprehensive Administrative Center; Related ancillary supporting buildings..

Ringlock Standard Parts

Design content: including scheme stage, preliminary design stage, preliminary design document disclosure, design service content: planning the relevant buildings and structures within the land, including buildings, structures, water supply and drainage, HVAC, building electrical (strong and weak electricity), general layout, power, gas professional scheme design and preliminary design, including budget preparation, etc.

1. Combining the self illumination of the overall facade with the guidance system, the system solves the problem of difficult hospital pathfinding..

In order to solve the difficulty of finding a way for large regional medical centers, the design fully utilizes the street facade of the building, clearly expressing each building and its name on the street facade, so that patients can have a clear understanding of their medical area during the ride, and conveniently reach the medical area through outdoor, public spaces, and the three-level guidance system of secondary departments..

2. The “three horizontal and two vertical” layout emphasizes external spatial order and internal medical utilization efficiency..

The medical functional area adopts a layout pattern of “two horizontal and three vertical”. In the north-south direction, the hospital is divided into a comprehensive medical area on the north side, a specialized medical area on the south side, and a health center. According to the relationship between urban roads, a comprehensive medical area and a specialized medical area are set up on the east and south sides of the land, respectively, and combined with the entrance square design. The administrative comprehensive building is located on the south side of the site with independent flow lines, and is connected to various medical areas through the ventilation green corridor inside the medical corridor, achieving the separation of doctors and patients. The fever clinic is independently arranged in the southwest corner of the site, located in the underground wind direction of the entire site..

3. Adhere to the design concept of “comprehensive and specialized”, and improve the efficiency of medical resource utilization through the combination of multi center layout..

The comprehensive medical area follows the mature layout model of modern comprehensive hospitals, gradually arranging outpatient, medical technology, and inpatient departments from east to west; The specialized medical area focuses on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular specialties, and forms a cardiovascular and cerebrovascular specialty medical center by placing specialized outpatient clinics, emergency rescue centers, specialized medical technology, and specialized inpatients adjacent and vertically arranged, achieving the integration of rescue, treatment, treatment, and care in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular specialties, reducing the number of patients seeking medical treatment. In addition, the hospital also sets up centers such as health centers, medical beauty centers, emergency rescue centers, medical technology centers, inpatients, and research administrative centers, greatly improving the efficiency of medical resource utilization..

4. Emphasize healing space and innovate the use of ventilated greenways to solve high-density problems.


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