Architectural design, Cornell vs. Rhode Island, which one is more suitable for you?

Architecture has always been one of the most popular art study abroad majors and has been favored by many study abroad students..

In the United States, Cornell University, one of the Ivy League universities, and Rhode Island School of Design, known as the “Central America” of the United States, are both popular and face fierce competition for admission. In the 24 application season, Sphink achieved impressive results and received many admission offers..

So, in terms of undergraduate architecture, what are the differences between Cornell University and Rhode Island School of Design in terms of courses and application portfolios, and which one is more suitable for you, Teng School versus top art schools?.

Cornell University is a world-class research university and a member of the Ivy League. Ranked 13th in comprehensive strength in the United States in 2024. In the field of art and design, undergraduate architecture education holds a leading position in the United States..

The architecture major is affiliated with the School of Architecture, Art, and Planning. The Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) program usually lasts for five years, and students also spend a quarter of their time studying at other colleges in Cornell. In addition, they will study for one semester in Rome. This comprehensive professional education has produced many renowned architects around the world..

During their school years, students are required to receive training in basic courses such as architectural history, design theory, architectural structure, and architectural engineering, as well as the opportunity to participate in practical projects and academic research..

During their freshman and sophomore years, students usually take courses in their own major and can only choose one or two courses outside of the architecture major, such as environmental systems, architectural history, structure, visual expression, etc. The course mainly focuses on physical models and hand drawing, and these images will also be externalized into computer graphics. Focus on exploration, explore materials, quantify structures, analyze cases, and then gradually learn architecture..

In the third year, students can choose their own elective courses. The college has many interesting courses to take, such as new building materials, robotic arms or AI, as well as humanities and history courses. The professional courses mainly focus on architecture, which will involve aspects such as architectural technology and theory. The professor will also invite some industry experts to teach and provide professional guidance to students on campus..

In my senior year, I can choose to study in Rome and New York for one semester each, or I can choose not to go to New York. I can study in Rome for one semester and return to my home school for another semester. During their time in school, students also take swimming and other physical education courses. The school requires each student to take two physical education courses in order to graduate..

After graduation, students can obtain an American architect’s license, providing a solid guarantee for employment..

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Rhode Island School of Design, as a top art school, is also known as the “Harvard of the art world.”..

Architecture students are often described as possessing independent thinking yet complementary qualities. Why do you say that? The architecture program at Rhode Island School of Design is a five-year program, with a focus on practical experience rather than purely theoretical knowledge..


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