Top 20 of Shanghai’s most watched excellent buildings was announced. Have you been there?

The total number of online public votes was 109 million, with a total of 40.65 million votes.

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The newly released list of Shanghai planetarium of Pudong Art Museum of the future art center covers the classic buildings of different periods and styles in Shanghai, including both historical buildings with a long history and profound heritage and modern new architectural classics, including many landmarks representing red culture, Shanghai style culture and Jiangnan culture.

On the occasion of the world city day, the 2021 Shanghai Tourism Festival · the list of the top 20 excellent buildings in Shanghai was officially announced ↓ during this year’s Tourism Festival, Shanghai “architecture readable” alliance and Shanghai Architectural Society launched the selection of the top 20 excellent buildings with the most attention.

The Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism said that Shanghai’s architectural styles and types are rich and diverse, and it is the best “spokesman” for Shanghai’s urban image.

Data: Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism editor: Xu Yueer..

Finally, based on online voting and expert review opinions, the 2021 Shanghai Tourism Festival · Shanghai’s top 20 most concerned excellent buildings (sorted by building completion / opening time) were selected Longhua tower and Longhua temple Yu Garden, East China University of politics and law, historical building group, Astor House Hotel, the largest venue of CCP and the two major venue of the Chinese Communist Party, Shanghai’s former residence of Song Qingling, Wu Kang building, Shanghai general post office, the Peace Hotel Sheng Sheng, new Shanghai Mansions and Wai Bai Du Qiao International Hotel Shanghai Exhibition Center, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai theater, Baoshan temple, Shanghai center, nine tree (Shanghai).


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