Pioneer of Health Care Design: Qicheng 2024 Recruitment – Six Major Architectural Design Positions Waiting for You

Carbon Neutrality Park/Zero Carbon Industrial Park/New Energy Group Headquarters.

Corporate headquarters/CBD and industrial communities/urban renewal.


Health and wellness communities/all age communities/health and wellness hotels/nursing hospitals/nursing homes/rehabilitation hospitals.


Industrial planning and planning/Tourism planning/Spatial planning/Urban construction planning/Special research.

Having comprehensive professional knowledge in architecture, strong overall design grasp ability, and a persistent pursuit of architectural art;.

Combination Plate Nut

Excellent organizational and coordination skills, teamwork skills, and problem-solving abilities;.

Excellent expression and communication skills, strong ability to coordinate and expand..

Solid professional technical knowledge, able to actively learn, discover and solve problems;.

Good communication and expression skills, or the ability to express text and scenes;.

Excellent ability to report proposals and communicate and coordinate internally and externally;.

6 years or more of experience in creative planning and design for large and medium-sized projects..

Excellent artistic foundation and cultivation, with unique creative ability and unique artistic insights;.

Lead the design positioning of the project, create creative solutions, and effectively control the design quality and final effect;.

Having 5 years or more of experience in actual main project design for large-scale projects..

Bachelor’s degree or above in architecture, design, art, and related fields, interested in spreading architectural culture, with experience working in architectural firms and design media platforms preferred;.

Having a certain foundation in architectural theory, possessing a spirit of specialized research and learning ability, able to understand and follow up on the trends and trends of domestic and foreign design related industries in real time;.

Having good reading and writing skills in both Chinese and English, strong writing skills, a sense of responsibility, and a rigorous approach to text, image, graphic editing, and video multimedia expression and presentation. Able to plan, write, edit, and promote copy and special topics. Experience in video planning, editing, and editing is preferred;.

Has certain media communication and event organization skills and willingness, able to maintain and develop media relationships on a daily basis, coordinate online and offline activities related to exhibitions, academia, etc;.

Proficient in office software and commonly used design software, such as Word, Excel, PPT, PS, AI, ID, PR, AE, etc..

Undergraduate students with a bachelor’s degree or above in architecture/environmental landscaping/planning, as well as graduate students with a bachelor’s degree or above in architecture;.

If you are passionate about architecture and design, and agree with the views and concepts of GN Qicheng Design, and are willing to join us, please feel free to submit your resume to us..

Please send your resume and portfolio in the form of an attachment to your email: ;.

The email title format for job application is “Application+Name+Position”, and the email title format for team/studio collaboration is “Open Collaboration+Team/Studio Name”;.

The resume should include personal information and contact information, and the portfolio includes but is not limited to representative works such as project design, practical research, painting, text, multimedia, etc;.

Our office is located inside the Peace Hotel on the Bund of Shanghai. You can also log in to www.gnarchite.


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