Truth temple, one of the world’s classic wood structure buildings

However, due to its pure wood raw materials, even after post-corrosion treatment, the wood is still difficult to avoid being damaged by years and wind and rain, so the whole building is still under continuous construction and improvement.

The whole building is of all wood structure.

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It has been more than 30 years since the construction of the truth Temple broke the ground, but according to the original design, the truth temple is still in the “unfinished” state.

  The design style is mainly Asian traditional art style and the gorgeous style of Bangkok Dynasty in Thailand.

Truth temple is regarded as a high artistic model of religious architecture and one of the classic wooden structures in the world.

Pure mahogany and teak are used as raw materials.

The theme is mostly to show the relationship between human beings and the universe.

Click the blue word to pay attention to a secluded Peninsula coast in the north of Pattaya, Thailand, where there is a truth temple.

Whenever you visit, you will basically see three or five craftsmen still carving wood.

There is no nail.

The truth temple was built in 1981.

It’s very sacred.

The wood carving art in the temple is unique.

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Tourists who have been to the truth Temple praise that it feels like there are gods and Buddhas around.

Craftsmen display the essence of Buddhism in wooden sculpture.

The internal structure is mainly aggregated in subtle ways such as wedges and bolts.

The exquisite and complex carver is used in large quantities of various Buddha statues and reliefs.


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