The building scale is 90000 square meters! The main body of the second phase of the third class hospital of the sub center is capped! 200

By then, the total number of motor parking spaces in Tongzhou Hospital of Beijing Friendship Hospital will reach 1245, which can effectively alleviate the problem of parking.

Zheng Wei, director of the planning and Construction Department of Beijing Friendship Hospital, introduced that the medical technology complex building mainly makes up for the problem that some medical service functions cannot be fully operated due to the insufficient area and imperfect functions of phase I.

The northern high-rise building has 14 floors above the ground and four floors underground, with a total construction area of 46000 square meters and a building height of 59.95 meters.

After phase II is put into use, 200 beds will be added to TongZhou hospital to solve the problem of tight space in phase I emergency and endoscopy center.

After phase II is put into use, the endoscopy center will be moved into it and expanded from “one piece of land” to “one whole floor”, so as to solve the contradiction between the tight space of phase I endoscopy center and the large demand for gastroenteroscopy.

The construction land area is about 7.4 hectares, and the construction scale of phase II is about 90000 square meters, including 52000 square meters of aboveground buildings, 37000 square meters of underground buildings and 59.95 meters of control height.

Phase II project has four floors underground, mainly underground garage, some medical function rooms and some building auxiliary rooms.

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According to the requirements of Beijing, the hospital must solve the problem of surrounding traffic.

At present, the number of operating rooms in phase I is small, and the second operating department is added in phase II, which turns the four floors into an operating room, fundamentally increasing the number of operating rooms and alleviating the shortage of operating rooms at present.

The parking space is very tight, and the ground parking space is not very sufficient.

▲ I Phase I data figure the digestive endoscopy center of Beijing Friendship Hospital was once rated as one of the top 20 “the world’s best endoscopy center” by the world endoscopy organization, which has always attracted the attention of patients.

The number of motor vehicles in phase I is only 616, including 189 on the ground and 427 underground.

After the phase II project is put into use, 200 beds will be added for TongZhou hospital..

according to the current arrangement, after phase II is put into operation, the emergency medical department located in phase I will be moved into phase II as a whole, and the total construction area of emergency will be increased to 2880 square meters.

The main functions of the medical technology complex building include nuclear magnetic examination (second floor underground), radiology department (first floor underground), emergency (first floor), dialysis center + emergency (second floor), endoscopy center (third floor) and central operating room (fourth floor).

On the 23rd, the main structure of phase II of Tongzhou District of Beijing Friendship Hospital was capped, and it is expected to be completed and accepted in May 2023.

We are all concerned.

There are only two floors underground in phase I of Tongzhou Hospital of Friendship Hospital, most of which are functional rooms.

The multi-storey medical technology complex building in the South has five floors above the ground, with a total construction area of 43000 square meters and a building height of 23.95 meters.

At present, the appointment of digestive endoscopy in Tongzhou hospital has been in a “full” state.

After the second phase is put into use, 629 motor parking spaces will be added for the hospital, including 10 on the ground and 619 underground.

In addition, according to the relevant Reply of the Municipal Health Commission, Tongzhou hospital has a total of 1050 beds, including 800 beds in phase I, 50 research beds and 63 dental chairs.

The difficulty of parking, which is beginning to show signs, will also be alleviated with the commissioning of phase II.

The youth sub center has stories, feelings and temperatures.

Tongzhou District phase II of Beijing Friendship Hospital is located in block 0604, the sub center of the city, with Lutong new road on the west, Luyuan East Road on the East, Luyuan 4th Street on the north and Luyuan 5th Street on the south.


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