[jianjiantong] Laba Festival, to my relatives and friends!

Laba comes from the Laba Festival.

The most beautiful winter, but also so.

The ancients had the tradition of sacrificing ancestors and gods and praying for a good harvest, as well as the custom of drinking Laba porridge.

How much care and don’t give up, memories and moving, in this homesick picture, slowly flow, never stop.

People’s preference for Laba porridge may be because it heralds the beginning of the year.

When Laba Festival comes, they take off the basin of ice and knock the ice into pieces.

Laba bowl of porridge is a good omen for next year’s Laba Festival, commonly known as “Laba”, that is, the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month.

It’s the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month after the twelfth lunar month”.

It combines eight kinds of food and cooks a pot with rice, which is the meaning of gathering all things and harmonizing thousands of spirits.

It was called “Laba Festival” in ancient times and commonly known as “Laba Festival”.

Even the accounts are so “educated”.

As the saying goes, Laba is the year.

Fixing Socket Cross Hole

The day before Laba, people usually ladle water in steel basins to freeze.

Eating it won’t hurt your stomach in the next year.

“La” has three meanings: first, it says “La is the person who receives it”, which means the alternation of the old and the new (recorded in Sui Shu · etiquette annals); Second, “those who eat wax hunt together”, which means that field hunting obtains birds and animals to offer sacrifices to ancestors and gods.

Laba, the prelude to the Spring Festival, is destined to be a time of reunion and a peaceful season.

Therefore, people spend Laba every year and have porridge every year.

The “wax” from the “meat” is the “Winter Sacrifice” with meat; The third said, “those who wax will catch the epidemic and greet the spring”.

The date is the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month.

It is the most important festival in the twelfth lunar month.

Laba custom of offering sacrifices to the ancestors of gods originated from the ancient “Laba day”, which had no fixed date in the early stage, usually in the last few days at the end of the year.

On the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, he offered sacrifices to the eight gods and prayed for good weather in the coming year.

Don’t forget to drink a bowl of steaming Laba porridge to nourish your stomach and warm your heart.

Laba ice can’t be eaten by bad people.

It is also the time for the ancients to worship their ancestors and gods during the slack season, so as to eliminate disasters and pray for health and auspiciousness in the coming year.

Everything in their hometown comes with the wind and their hearts are like arrows.

You have worked hard outside this year.

Jianzhoutong media ID: jianzhong001 “don’t be greedy for children.

Everything can be “porridge” in the coming year.

The custom is to eat porridge made of grains and grains.

Laba garlic Laba garlic is to make garlic on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month.

In the cold winter and the twelfth lunar month, families sit around, taste delicious food, talk about home, drink a bowl of steaming Laba porridge, dispel the cold of the twelfth lunar month, share a bowl of steaming and sweet Laba porridge with the hope of the new year and enthusiasm for life, and live the new year warm and alive.

Laba is not only porridge, but also Festival.

The good name is Laba porridge! There are also legends about Laba Festival, such as “red beans beating ghosts” and “remembering Yue Fei”.

Later, Zhu Yuanzhang became the emperor of the Ming Dynasty.

Garlic petals are green and green, garlic spicy and acetic acid fragrance are dissolved together, which is the best seasoning for eating dumplings.

Remove the old skin of the garlic petals, immerse them in rice vinegar, put them into a small jar and seal them tightly until new year’s Eve.

After eating Laba porridge for a few days, there is still something left, which is a good omen.

Cold dishes can also be used, and the taste is unique.

After drinking Laba porridge, I put Nian to do Laba porridge.

Laba to the Spring Festival is getting closer and closer.

As soon as we entered Laba, the “year” approached with a countdown.

Before the popularity of Laba porridge, people had the habit of eating red bean porridge at the winter solstice to dispel evil spirits and avoid diseases.

They thought that drinking porridge in winter could ensure peace.

It is said that the ice on this day is very magical.

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It is said that when Zhu Yuanzhang suffered in prison, the hungry and cold Zhu Yuanzhang picked out rice, millet, wheat, soybeans and other food in the field.

When this familiar song rings out, we all know that it’s the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month.

People who have worked hard for a year begin to feel the warmth of home.

“Laba porridge, Laba garlic, messenger who puts the bill, and repayment of debts.” Chinese culture is broad and profound.

Days are linked by repeated solar terms every year, and life is waiting for thick thoughts and happiness in this solar term.

This is not only the prelude to the Spring Festival, but also the beginning of sending you blessings.

At the end of one year, it means “wax”, which means the alternation of the old and the new.

Laba Festival is an endless taste of Acacia.

Take it as “surplus every year”, and look forward to a rich life and rolling financial resources in the coming year.

In order to commemorate his days in prison, he designated that day as Laba Festival.

When Laba comes, happiness “8” is your favor, happiness “8” is your amusement, health “8” is your snuggle, peace “8” is your blessing, and friend “8” is your blessing: I wish Laba a a happy festival! Laba, I hope your career will be successful and prosperous; Laba, I wish you a colorful and picturesque life; Laba, I hope you can be praised by everyone like Zhuge; Laba, may you laugh happily every day, ha ha! Happy Laba Festival! (source: integrated on the Internet, the picture and copyright belong to the original author.

Zhu Yuanzhang stewed these things in the pot, which saved Zhu Yuanzhang’s life.


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