A letter from the School of Architecture and Materials Engineering to parents and students during the 2023 winter holiday

It is important not to spread rumors, not to believe rumors, not to panic, and take the initiative to take responsibility.

You must wear a mask when you go out.

The holiday plan needs to be changed, and all relatives and relatives will be canceled.

EVERTHINGLOOKSFRESHANDGAY School of Architecture and Materials Engineering sent a letter to parents and students during the winter holiday of 2023.

It’s more civilized to put them in the designated place.

As long as we all use the network correctly and do not create opportunities for criminals to cheat or hurt, we believe that our life will also become better! 3.

Open windows frequently, ventilate frequently, wash hands frequently, and pay attention to personal hygiene.

Magnetic Recess Former

Dear parents and students, time flies by.

Do a good job of epidemic prevention and control++improve the sanitary environment+++dress up the perfect home++don’t go to the noisy scene of the epidemic.

The experience of our predecessors can be used for reference, but we must fully combine our own characteristics.

We should know how to avoid dangerous situations and use legal weapons to protect ourselves when necessary, so that we will not easily bury security risks for ourselves.

2022 has ended and 2023 has come.

Improve security awareness++improve security awareness+++strengthen self-protection++In the era of rapid social and economic development, there will also be many accompanying network security risks, but as long as we set up correct values, rationally treat what happens in life, do not blindly believe that there will be free lunch in the sky, do not covet temporary scenery and vanity, and do things rationally.

First of all, we should develop good learning habits and make reasonable use of time.

Close the door and study more, and remember the protection knowledge.

Strictly abide by the law++improve legal awareness++strengthen legal awareness++As a college student, we should know, abide by and protect the law.

Holiday study plan++There is nothing difficult in the world+++Just for those who are willing++During the holiday, we should reasonably carry out the holiday study plan, and improve the learning efficiency is not a matter of one day, it needs long-term exploration and accumulation.

“Nothing is difficult in the world, only for those who are willing.” I wish parents a happy new year, good health and good luck! I wish you peace and happiness, success and a happy holiday! The Youth League Committee of the School of Architecture and Materials Engineering January 15, 2023-

In the process of cultivating and improving legal literacy, college students should not only understand the spirit of China’s socialist legal system from the perspective of general principles, but also understand the basic system stipulated by the Constitution, important substantive legal system and procedural legal knowledge, master basic legal knowledge, and develop the habit of observing discipline and law in practice, and enhance the sense of responsibility to maintain the dignity of the law.

Everyone is responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic! 2.

Here I would like to extend my sincere wishes to all parents and students! In the past year, we have set sail in the new year.


In addition, we should pay attention to the cultivation of basic qualities such as “concentration, attentiveness and perseverance”, and have a deep understanding of our own advantages and disadvantages.

It is important to see a doctor in time for fever, cough and general pain.

In order to enable students to spend their holidays safely and fully at home, the following suggestions are put forward to parents and students: 1.

Don’t throw away the discarded masks.

In order to be a civilized and good citizen, we should chat online.

Strictly abide by all laws and disciplines, do not do anything against laws and disciplines, and consciously observe and maintain public order.

Pay attention to the new virus.

Visitors from other places should report.


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