Special topic [Architecture] government building – Murcia City Hall / Rafael Moneo Arquitecto

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What is the sinking demand? What is the facade rhythmic demand? Design is the rationalization behind the demand, but not the function.

The function and use of architecture may be secondary The creative meaning of life is the main creation, so art and architecture can not be replaced by AI.

This is art AI.

There are gullies in his heart Move slowly without haste.

Therefore, architecture itself does not exist, but the creative behavior in the process of human seeking meaning.

Most of the pictures come from the Internet https://rafaelmoneo.com/en/projects/murcia-city-hall/ Logical and rational society is the behavior space in the process of human seeking meaning.

Compared with the facade of the old era, the permeability, brightness and lightness are not what contemporary technology can achieve.

The meaningless function has only one way to depression.

If this can be designed in the future, it must also summarize and learn the existing examples.

The rationalization demand is the public demand, the customer demand, the architect’s inner order demand, and the balance of space complexity and simplicity with the same social significance and human defined demand The common old and new dialogue thinking and dialogism of materials is also a defined process.

He is independent and introverted.

The logic is broken.

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The high opening oblique cutting of the entrance is just the most difficult scale.

Lateral entry and downward entry meet the need not to break the facade.

I am a participant, However, it is not an intervener who changes the direction of the entrance, but also changes the streamline proportion, rhythm and number of pedestrians.

If you believe in the happiness of rebuilding buildings, you must also believe it, Ontological people can be changed the day after tomorrow.

What cannot be replaced is the main meaning and story creation.

It is just the order of people’s heart.

This existence is the humble courtesy of the architect.

Relativity is created.

He is an unassuming gentleman and lady.

As long as it brings balance to human heart, the general existence is meaningful.

Instead, it is secondary functional creation.

Understanding grey space is a relative creation of human behavior needs.


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