[job search] 10 real estate / construction / consulting enterprises recruit Project Manager / Business Manager / Cost Manager / Supervisor /

Gao: 13246413216 (same wechat number) Mr.

The specific salary depends on personal experience and ability; 2.


Paid annual leave, family visit leave and other national statutory holidays, free collective tourism, physical examination and other benefits, and the basic salary is negotiable.

Be responsible for coordinating the relationship between various departments in construction, controlling construction materials and ensuring supply, and cooperating with the superior for cost management; 3.

Familiar with Guangdong quota, able to use Guanglianda software to calculate quantity and set price independently.

Guangdong Zhengyu Construction Group Co., Ltd.

The probation period is 3 months.

First Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Job requirements: 1.

contact information: 15800215246 Zheng Gong (wechat same number) 4.

Salary: 1 Basic salary: 6000-10000, annual pre tax: 11w-20w; 2.

Job requirements: 1.

Documenters    (5) 3.


Free talent recommendation: 20-30 cost training talents majoring in civil engineering or installation graduate every month, with independent calculation ability.

Documenter: more than 3 years working experience as a documenter in engineering projects, with documenter certificate is preferred;    3.

As long as you have the strength, you can help you find the only one.

Recruitment position: Civil Engineering budgeter of the construction unit 2.

Be responsible for the organization and implementation of construction to ensure project progress, quality and safety; Have on-site construction management experience in formwork, reinforcement and concrete; 2.

Warm tips: 1.

3、 Salary: 1.

Fresh graduates are acceptable.

Job requirements: 1.

4、 Working location: mainly Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Dongguan, Shenzhen and Huizhou 5.

Construction worker 2.

Guangzhou Pengxin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

The monthly housing subsidy is 400 yuan, and the housing subsidy is calculated according to the actual living days less than one month.

of China Construction Fourth Bureau 1.

contact information: 13580381036 Ding Gong 6.

(base salary + commission, skilled cost controller) 8500 yuan per month in the first to second years; After two years, the monthly bottom salary is 9000 yuan.

Budgeter: proficient in project budget quota and project pricing, and familiar with the use of Guanglianda and other cost software; 2.

Each statutory Festival has a festival fee of 200 yuan.

4、 Salary: working hours: 9 hours, salary above 6000.

Constructors    (10) II.

recruitment post: constructor II.

Be responsible for construction site visa, technical approval form, contact form, change order, etc; 5.

Job responsibilities: be responsible for on-site construction and management of civil engineering projects, be familiar with drawings and relevant specifications, and skillfully use various measuring instruments.

Please understand and verify the job search and recruitment information by yourself.

contact information: 13510507671 Chen Gong (wechat same number) 7.

Job requirements: 1.

Constructor: more than 1 year construction experience in housing construction project, college degree or above, Constructor Certificate is preferred.

Be able to calculate and price the project cost skillfully, independently and correctly; 3.

Budgeter    (5) 2.

Strong ability to work under pressure; 7.

Job requirements: full-time undergraduate (with work experience, it can be appropriately relaxed to full-time junior college) 3.


For the above positions, personnel with rich experience in large-scale real estate construction such as Vanke and country garden are preferred, and the treatment can be interviewed.

9500 yuan at the end of each month after 3 years; 2.

Excellent reinforcement calculation is preferred; 3、 Salary: the salary standard can be adjusted according to the individual’s working ability.

Recruitment position: 1.

Free recruitment: it covers 20000 cost practitioners and 3000 fresh graduates, and there are always talents preferred by the enterprise.

recruitment position: 1.

2, Kexing Road, Taihe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou (room 116, first floor, building 5, Greenland Huichuang International) v.

4、 Contact: 18390021314   Manager Chen 5.

Resident budgeter: 6000-9000; 2.

salary: 1.

Familiar with the calculation rules of installation quantities, proficient in Guanglianda (or calculation king) quantity calculation software, III.

Recruitment position: skilled cost clerk 2.

More than 2 years of working experience, experience in cost consulting company is preferred; 3.


Master the project budget list, quota and relevant policies and regulations; 5.

Contact information: Email: 180475677@qq.com Contact QQ: 180475677 manager Liu 3.

At the end of the year, the year-end bonus shall be paid according to the working ability, working time and the company’s benefits; 3.

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College degree or above, civil engineering, industrial and civil construction and other relevant special house construction site management experience is preferred.

After employment, five insurances and one fund shall be paid, and the labor dispatch contract shall be signed.

College degree or above in construction, with 5 years or above of cost working experience; 2.

Resident budgeter: more than 1 year of housing construction project budget working experience, college degree or above; 2.

College degree or above, major in engineering; 2.

College degree or above, 1 year or above working experience in installation cost (or excellent fresh graduates); 2.

Resident budgeter 2.

Job requirements: 1.

Guangzhou chuangheng Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

Recruitment position: mechanical and electrical documenter 2.

3、 Salary: 1.

After becoming a full-time worker, you can buy social security, provide accommodation and take weekends.

Constructor: be familiar with civil engineering projects and operating procedures, and be familiar with current construction and acceptance specifications..

At least 2 years working experience in cost consulting company, housing construction unit and municipal construction unit; 3.

The recruitment information of high-quality construction personnel is released free of charge every Monday and Wednesday.

Have a car driver’s license and be able to drive skillfully.

4、 Company address: No.

The specific salary is negotiable.

Liu: 17765275721 (same wechat number) Mr.

Pay the salary of the previous month on the 30th of each month; 4.

Carry out construction management according to construction drawings and project quality and safety production requirements; 4.

5、 Location: No.

Job requirements: 1.

China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau 1 company 1.

  Please forward it to the people around you who need it ~ long press to pay attention to looking for a job, please pay attention to “biyoude”.

working place: Huadu District, Guangzhou v.

Board and lodging, five insurances and one fund, holiday welfare, telephone subsidy, performance bonus, quarterly performance award, cash award, annual physical examination and regular training.

Bachelor degree or above, Rich working experience, can be extended to college; 2.

Hardworking, strong professionalism; Quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and communication skills; 6.

4、 Working location: mainly in the Pearl River Delta v.

Salary 4500 ~ 15000, double salary at the end of the year and node bonus.

Salary: 6500-9500 yuan / month.


Free job search: large and medium-sized real estate, construction units and engineering consulting in Guangdong Province.

Constructor: 6500-11000; 3.

Proficient in using Guanglianda, CAD, Guangdong quota and other budget software and list quotation software; 4.

Hotline for free recruitment, job hunting and training: Mr.


and 14:00 ~ 17:30 p.m.

Working hours from Monday to Friday: 8:30 ~ 12:00 a.m.

recruitment post: Installation Cost Clerk   (2) II.

6, Shanwei City, Guangdong Province contact information: 13794537269   Wu Jialin 8.

Job requirements: 1.

Li: 13246427216 (same wechat number) 1.

Zhongtian Construction Group Co., Ltd.

contact information: 13679879927 Tanggong (wechat same number) email 2291730064@qq.com2 1.


Work should be serious, responsible, diligent, proactive, have good professional ethics and obey the work arrangement of the company; 4.

Recruitment position: budgeter 2.


The payment proportion of five insurances and one fund shall be the same as that of regular employees (undergraduates can apply for transfer to regular employees one year after employment and enjoy five insurances and two funds); 3.

4、 Work location: Foshan and surrounding areas v.


3、 Salary: 1.

It is updated every Monday and Wednesday, and the recruitment and job search information comes from customer entrustment and network.


Shenzhen Qinhai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

South China installation branch of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau 1.


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