Prefabricated building | complete production and installation technology of prefabricated closed balcony

3 installation detail of hanging plate on balcony 1.3.4 optimize the waterproof treatment of vertical joints.

Key words: prefabricated building, prefabricated balcony, production and installation, quality control, Chinese drawing classification No.: tu74 precastenclosed balconies complete sets production and installation technology    Abstract:   Prefabricatedbalconyiswidelyusedinprefabricatedbuildingprojectsasanimportantpartofprefabricatedcomponents.Thispaperintroducesacompletesetofproductionandinstallationtechnologyofprefabricatedandenclosedbalconyfromtheaspectsofdesign,productionandinstallation.ThistechnologyisintheleadingpositioninthefieldofprefabricatedbuildinginChina, withremarkableadvantagesandcharacteristics,andwillachievegoodsocialandeconomicbenefitsafterpopularization.Keywords:   prefabricatedbuilding; prefabricatedbalconies; productioninstallation; Quality control 0.

During on-site installation, horizontal and vertical guiding rules, laser leveling instrument, inclined support and other tools are used to control and adjust the on-site installation accuracy.

After popularization, it will achieve good social and economic benefits.


1.3.1 balcony production reserved grooves, tongue and groove prefabrication balcony and air conditioning integrated balcony plate adopt standardized formwork and industrialized prefabrication production to ensure the standardized, integrated and accurate reservation of connecting grooves and waterproof tongue and groove on components; The fully prefabricated integral balcony hanging plate is produced by the group formwork production process.

Combination Plate Nut

Figure 2 three dimensional diagram of prefabricated closed balcony 1.2 prefabricated construction principle the complete set production and installation method of prefabricated closed balcony mainly refers to the reasonable optimization of the component splitting design scheme of the balcony through the construction drawing design unit, and the prefabricated closed balcony is divided into two component types: Prefabricated balcony and air conditioning integrated balcony plate and fully prefabricated integral balcony hanging plate, The detailed design unit shall design the detailed installation connection node and prefabricated waterproof tongue and groove connection node between the detailed components, pre produce the relevant components through the standardized and group formwork erection process in the factory, and adopt firm and reliable connection between the components for on-site fixation and installation.

The water seepage problem of vertical joints of hanging plate on balcony has always been the weak link of waterproof of prefabricated components.

The balcony hanging plate surface at the contact of prefabricated external wall (or PCF plate) of fully prefabricated integral balcony hanging plate adopts the method of reserving grooves to cooperate with prefabricated external wall (or PCF plate) Rough surface method and waterproof mortar plus expansive agent treatment method can not only effectively ensure the maximum waterproof effect of the traditional vertical joint assembly waterproof method, but also enhance the waterproof capacity at the joint..

This technology is in the leading position in the field of prefabricated buildings in China, with remarkable advantages and characteristics.

Prefabricated balconies are an important part of component parts in prefabricated houses.

After fixing, the reserved groove is filled and plastered by building method.

The use of laminated balcony slab can not only reduce the weight of prefabricated components, but also facilitate the on-site laying of electromechanical equipment.

Introduction the development of prefabricated buildings [1-2] is the general trend.

Due to the influence of balcony length and window opening, as well as the constraints of traditional production and construction processes of components, the prefabricated balcony hanging plate on the prefabricated balcony is fragmented, which increases the on-site construction and installation process and labor volume of prefabricated components, and reduces the construction and installation efficiency of components [4].

Prefabricated design and construction principle 1.1 disassembly of prefabricated design according to the design of prefabricated balcony in traditional prefabricated residence [5], in architectural and structural design, this paper designs the balcony as prefabricated laminated beam balcony, which effectively integrates the advantages of traditional balcony.

1.3.2 accurate positioning for on-site installation.

4, it is the joint node of hanging plate on balcony.

1.3.3 the connection node adopts dry connection components, and the fabricated waterproof node method is adopted at the upper and lower waterproof tongue and groove, which is installed and laid on site to ensure the accurate positioning and continuous laying of waterproof filling materials; Dry joint connection is adopted between components, and the components are connected and fixed on site with site connecting steel plate and supporting connecting nuts and gaskets.

At present, the laminated slab balcony and fully prefabricated slab balcony used in the traditional prefabricated balcony are often unable to meet the requirements of the design and use of large cantilever balcony due to the limitation of the cantilever length of prefabricated components; The fully prefabricated beam balcony has been widely criticized because of the large weight of all prefabricated components and the long length of structural reinforcement anchorage, which makes it more difficult to produce, transport and install prefabricated components, as well as the inconvenient connection between the professional reservation and embedding of electromechanical equipment required on the balcony and the laying of embedded pipes on the cast-in-situ floor [3].


1.3 key technology key technical control points include the accuracy of reserved grooves and grooves for balcony production, accurate positioning of on-site installation, dry connection of connection nodes and optimized waterproof treatment of vertical joints.

At the same time, the scattered splitting of components increases the number of vertical and horizontal joints between balcony partitions, resulting in the hidden danger of water seepage at the joints of components.

As shown in Fig.

The reserved grooves and grooves on the prefabricated components are accurately positioned on the components.

Prefabricated closed balcony is mainly applicable to the construction and installation of prefabricated balcony in prefabricated shear wall system, prefabricated frame structure system and prefabricated frame shear wall structure system.

1 closed balcony building plan deepen the layout of balcony plate and air conditioning plate in the integrated architectural design scheme, scientifically and reasonably split them into prefabricated balcony and air conditioning integrated balcony plate, and adopt the split integrated design of prefabricated laminated beam balcony and prefabricated air conditioning plate; The balcony hanging plate is fully prefabricated, and the long-scale and large right angle overall prefabricated balcony hanging plate splitting scheme is adopted, which avoids the waterproof hidden danger of the balcony hanging plate directly contacting the outdoor environment, effectively reduces the splitting type and quantity of prefabricated components, and improves the production efficiency of prefabricated components.

The technology has the advantages of reasonable component design, safe and reliable structural system, high production integration, excellent waterproof and impermeability, convenient construction and installation, ensuring building quality, energy conservation and environmental protection.

The connection of balcony hanging plate adopts connecting steel plate, and the installation detail of hanging plate on balcony is shown in Figure 3 below.

The plan of the closed balcony in the architectural design scheme is shown in Figure 1, and the three-dimensional diagram of the closed balcony in the prefabricated component splitting scheme is shown in Figure 2.

This paper introduces a complete set of production and installation technology of prefabricated closed balcony from the aspects of design, production and installation.


The waterproof groove on the diaphragm is reserved accurately, and the groove of the rear window is reserved accurately, so as to provide reliable accuracy guarantee for on-site installation.

Abstract: as an important part of prefabricated components, prefabricated balcony is widely used in prefabricated construction projects.


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