Mysteel Daily: Henan construction steel prices rose slightly, and the inventory pressure eased slightly

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The trading volume data is the transactions of 45 traders in Henan Province on the same day.

Early autumn breeze autumn is a beautiful picture, full of poetic and picturesque, full of the joy of harvest, full of people’s joy.

However, in the afternoon, with the weakening of the snail shock, the market mentality was different, and the transaction price was slightly loose.

According to the resource situation, the capacity utilization rate of construction steel mills in the province increased slightly this week, mainly due to the maintenance and resumption of rolling line production of steel mills in Anyang area; In addition, the factory stock decreased significantly this week, the price difference between Henan and East China was large, and the steel mills in the province actively transferred to the East China market.

With the decline of the futures market, the downstream is cautious and wait-and-see, and the procurement rhythm slows down.

The recent cumulative increase in Zhengzhou is higher than that in Xi’an and Taiyuan, and the regional price difference has been slightly repaired.

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The price of construction steel in Henan continued to rise slightly on the 23rd.

Some merchants continue to be optimistic about the future market and have a strong willingness to support the price; The other part believes that the price has risen to a high level recently and there is a large profit space.

Specifically, the overall turnover of the market has shrunk, and the trading atmosphere is light.

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It is understood that at present, the funds of downstream users are tight, the collection speed is slow, most of them focus on on on-demand procurement, and some site workers go home for the festival in advance, resulting in the slow overall construction progress.

In terms of market inventory, most businesses in the province are sent to high-priced markets such as East China, the inventory pressure is reduced, and the overall inventory is also significantly lower than last week.

From the perspective of regional price difference, at present, the price of rebar in Zhengzhou is 30 yuan / ton higher than that in Xi’an and 20 yuan / ton lower than that in Taiyuan.

According to statistics, this week, the factory stock and social stock decreased, the inventory pressure was gradually relieved, and the steel mills continued to push up.

It is expected that the market price of construction steel in Henan may be strong.

With the help of sacking for peace of mind, the market price has moved down by selling goods at a low price and making profits.

At present, the mentality of merchants is obviously polarized.

The prices in the above table are the last online prices of my steel network on that day; 2.

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