The Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development investigated the development of prefabricated buildings, green buildings

    On the afternoon of September 22, 2021, Tang Daoming, deputy secretary of the Party group and deputy director of the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, investigated the development of prefabricated buildings, green buildings and the application of shallow geothermal energy buildings in Changsha.

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We should strengthen the research on building energy conservation and green building management mechanism, promote contract energy management, and promote green finance to support green buildings.

The prefabricated building in Hunan maintains the national leading position.

Hunan takes the lead in developing the prefabricated intelligent manufacturing platform.

Office of science and technology, Changsha Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development responsible comrades participated in the survey.

Wonderful recommendation: Tang Daoming leads a team to investigate the prefabricated building work in Hainan Province.

    The investigation team first inspected the Binjiang New Town water source heat pump distributed energy station constructed and operated by cecep, and learned more about the project investment, technical maturity, user access, operation and maintenance management, energy conservation and carbon reduction effect, etc; Then go to poly Central Plaza prefabricated building (two stars of green building) project to learn more about the assembly and construction of prefabricated components, energy-saving and thermal insulation measures, integrated decoration, etc.

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Changsha should play an exemplary role as the provincial capital, strengthen coordination with the natural resources planning department, incorporate the large-scale application requirements of shallow geothermal energy buildings into the overall land and space planning, and incorporate the relevant application requirements into the land planning and transfer conditions in the appropriate areas where shallow geothermal energy stations are deployed.

We should further improve the complete technical system of prefabricated buildings, strive to overcome one or two bottlenecks every year in view of the design, construction difficulties and blocking points of prefabricated buildings, and fully highlight the advantages of energy conservation, carbon reduction, quality improvement and efficiency of prefabricated buildings.

Tang Daoming’s requirements     We should give full play to the leading role of Party building and incorporate energy-saving, low-carbon and green development into the important content of doing practical things for the people.

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We should strengthen the implementation of policies and regulations, strengthen the responsibility of construction developers, and design and implement energy conservation and green development in the whole process, link and chain of planning, construction, operation and maintenance.

It is an important way to realize the upgrading of traditional construction industry.

The national prefabricated building site promotion meeting for the completion of the first steel structure prefabricated residential pilot community in Hunan Province will be held in Changsha on October 22.

Tang Daoming pointed out     Promoting the application of prefabricated buildings, green buildings and renewable energy buildings is not only a specific measure to implement the decision-making and deployment of urban and rural construction green development of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, but also a powerful starting point to promote green construction and intelligent construction in our province.


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