The prefabricated construction industry is facing a deep reshuffle

Strong global supply chain – saving material costs.

In particular, prefabricated construction enterprises that rely on scientific and technological innovation to enhance their strength will have greater competitive and development advantages.

As China’s steel and concrete industry has a good foundation, large production capacity, wide layout and mature technology, it can provide sufficient raw materials for the rapid popularization of prefabricated buildings.

In the past decades, the cast-in-situ concrete building model has been widely developed thanks to China’s rich labor resources.

However, with the gradual disappearance of demographic dividend, the rapid increase of labor cost and the rapid rise of labor cost, the labor-intensive production mode will be unsustainable.

In recent years, we have been exploring for the development of prefabricated construction industry, and always take improving product quality and industrialization ability as the goal and direction.

According to the development data of prefabricated buildings in China in 2020 released by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, 630 million square meters of new prefabricated buildings were built in China last year, an increase of 50% over 2019, accounting for about 20.5% of the new construction area.

In the future, the core competitiveness of prefabricated enterprises will be the ability to integrate the whole industrial chain of prefabricated construction, covering three fields of design and development, supply chain management and construction management, and connected with the technical platform.

Under the background of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, steel structure is expected to continue to grow or become the mainstream of the whole industry.

Since 2020, the national driving force for the transformation of the construction industry has increased significantly.

Under the background of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, the prefabricated construction industry with steel structure as the main form is further optimizing and upgrading the construction industrial structure with the attitude of “rapid” development.

Integrate the bill of materials required for all engineering projects, combine small orders with large orders, and reduce the communication cost with many material suppliers.

Prefabricated construction enterprises with the ability to integrate the whole industrial chain will take the lead.

Professional and efficient assembly construction – complete the project quickly and with high quality.

In today’s deep reshuffle of the industry, only by recognizing the current situation, strengthening the initial direction, making solid progress and improving the comprehensive strength of the enterprise can we stabilize the pace and become more competitive in the times.

From the industrial path of mature developed countries, precast concrete structure and steel structure are the two most widely used precast construction modes.

Since 2021, the development of prefabricated construction industry has ushered in new opportunities.

The product and systematic project management mode will replace the traditional single project oriented management mode in the construction industry.

The platform and systematization of technology is the basis of project management.

The demographic dividend gradually disappears, and innovative enterprises have more competitive advantages.

Standardized assembly components are like building blocks to complete personalized design schemes.

The traditional concrete pouring mode is a typical labor-intensive production mode.

Combined with the market demand, the rapid development of assembly type in 2021 is a foregone conclusion.

Construction industrialization, highly mechanized production and processing, coordinated transportation and construction will greatly reduce the labor cost, which has obvious advantages over the labor-intensive cast-in-situ construction mode.

Moreover, with the further strengthening of industry segmentation, the industry will face a deep reshuffle in the next 3-5 years, small and medium-sized enterprises that can not stand the test of the market will be eliminated, and the industry will focus on the head.

After 10 years of urban real estate golden period, the construction industry is experiencing a new round of industrial revolution.

Focus, small businesses will be eliminated.

Innovative design mode — the balance between standardization and personalization.

From the perspective of national policy, the policy support for prefabricated concrete structure and steel structure is strong.

The weakening and disappearance of demographic dividend will accelerate the upgrading of traditional construction industry to construction industrialization.

Source network, intrusion and deletion.

With the help of high and new technology, vigorously develop the software and hardware in the field of design and construction, improve the efficiency of design, supply chain and assembly construction, further strengthen the integration of the three fields, and realize the integration of design, supply, processing and assembly.

The pattern of prefabricated construction industry has formed steel structure or will become the mainstream of the whole industry.

At present, China has formed a pattern in which prefabricated concrete structure accounts for the largest proportion and steel structure takes the second place.

Optimize the construction assembly plan in advance and complete the assembly tasks accurately and orderly according to the plan formulated on the construction site.

However, in the long run, the great potential of steel structure is expected to surpass the fabricated concrete structure and become the new mainstream of the industry.

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