Mourning for Mr. Wang Houyu, the leader of building electricity

We should take Mr.

We hope that the majority of electrical workers must improve their technical level, learn international electrical standards well, especially improve the level of foreign languages, and look at the original text.

Covering 28 provinces and cities, it has made outstanding contributions to improving the technical level of building electrical installations in China.

He has participated in the design of 156 projects in China during the first five year plan period, such as medium and large aviation factories, and the planning and design of large foreign projects, and has attended International Electrotechnical conferences on behalf of China for many times.

Personal monographs include design, installation and inspection of low voltage electrical installations, 500 questions of building electrical installations and 600 questions of building electrical installations.

I have gone abroad for many times to participate in the annual meeting of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

I think I have the responsibility and obligation to publicize and promote the concept of International Electrotechnical standards in China and reduce the occurrence of electrical disasters in China.” “I have this condition, and if I don’t publicize and promote international Electrotechnical standards, I will have a guilty conscience.” “What’s the use of fame and wealth if they don’t bring it to life and don’t take it away when they die? It’s valuable to leave something useful for society and future generations.” “We should recognize that China’s building electrical skills are not as good as people.


After his transfer, he worked as a translator, technician, electrical discipline leader and electrical engineer in charge of the aviation industry planning and Design Institute.

More than 200 articles on building electrical were written, of which the article “analysis and countermeasures and suggestions on the main hidden dangers of electrical fire” was included in China’s white paper on natural disaster reduction in 2000 and distributed at the National People’s Congress in 2000.

Wang has never stopped fighting for the development of China’s construction electrical industry, with a pure heart and few desires, indifferent to fame and wealth, modest and selfless dedication all his life.

For electrical fire, we must first prevent it, and take preventive measures!” “I have the honor to study and understand international advanced standards and specifications with the support and training of the old leaders of the Aviation Institute.

Wang Houyu’s quotation: “how much is the line worth? Human life is priceless!” “Fire fighting, first of all, is prevention.

Committed to the promotion of International Electrotechnical standards for low voltage electrical devices.

Wang Houyu died on the morning of January 16, 2022, since then, China’s construction electrical industry has lost an industry leader deeply respected and loved by electrical colleagues at home and abroad, and a pioneer and founder who devoted his life to the innovation and development of China’s construction electrical industry, It has lost a guiding light to lead China’s construction electrical industry towards internationalization with lifelong efforts at the national level.

Surprised to learn that Mr.

Wang Houyu as an example, keep our ambition and practice, carry forward the spirit of the older generation of electricians, and make greater contributions to the new development of China’s construction electrical industry! Wang Houyu (1925-2022) is a famous expert in electrical technology of industrial and civil buildings and consultant of China centralized Committee of International Electrotechnical Commission IEC / tc60364 (now domestic code TC205) and National Technical Committee for standardization of electrical installations of buildings.

Participated in the preparation of national standards such as code for design of power supply and distribution system, code for design of low voltage power distribution, code for fire protection design of aircraft hangar, and participated in the preparation of industrial and civil power distribution design manual.

The cause has been recorded by our predecessors, and the model will be inherited by future generations.

Only in this way can they directly master the key to opening foreign advanced technology, learn foreign advanced ideas, and apply them to practice to improve China’s building electrical level.” The sound and appearance have disappeared, and Deze still exists! Mr.

Lifting Anchor

Wang Houyu’s dedication to selfless struggle for China’s construction electrical industry will be engraved in our hearts forever! Source: Electrical Branch.

He graduated from the Department of electrical engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1949.

He once worked as a Russian translator in the army.

Recalling Mr.


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