[current political highlights] the implementation of the “four methods and one standard” system of rural housing construction in the

The meeting put forward requirements for the next step.

We will carry out policy training at the four levels of cities, counties and villages so that cadres and people can really understand and use them.

Fourth, we will pay close attention to the implementation of policies and improve the coordination of various departments Adjust the linkage mechanism and do a good job in policy convergence.

Please do not.

Do a good job “Four methods and one standard” We will interpret the policies and improve the people’s awareness, acceptance and recognition of the policy contents and procedures.

Strengthen the financial support for house repair and troubleshooting of potential safety hazards.

We will strengthen the illegal use of homestead and dispute mediation, classify and identify, and steadily deal with problems left over by history.

Establish a regular inspection mechanism, strengthen the application of inspection results, and strengthen the operation of the market We will conduct spot checks and rechecks in places with high density of personnel, and do a good job in investigating and verifying the hidden dangers and damage of urban and rural houses in view of the current flood disaster.

First, improve ideological understanding.

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Improve the management and service institutions, straighten out the system and mechanism, and allocate a complete and strong team.

The meeting was held in the form of teleconference.

Provide services such as house construction approval and construction technology.

Yongji financial media center     Official release platform     Remain true to our original aspiration    Bearing in mind the mission, a promotion meeting on the implementation of the “four methods and one standard” system of rural housing construction in the province and the investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards of urban and rural housing was held recently.

In order to prevent the occurrence of urban and rural housing safety accidents from the source, our province took the lead in issuing the administrative measures for the approval of rural homestead, the administrative measures for the architectural design and construction supervision of rural collective construction land, the administrative measures for the planning and management of rural self built houses, the administrative measures for the use of rural self built houses as business places, and the technical guidelines (standards) for self built houses on rural homestead The “four measures and one standard” were deployed and implemented throughout the province.

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LAN foan, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee and governor, attended and spoke.

Lanfoan stressed that we should consolidate the responsibilities of governments at all levels, industry supervision responsibilities, property owners and users, strengthen accountability, and ensure that all tasks of the safety management of urban and rural housing construction and use are fulfilled To practice.

We will establish a list of rural construction craftsmen and improve the management system of rural housing construction teams.

We will accelerate the construction of urban and rural housing safety management system and form a long-term management mechanism throughout the life cycle of housing.

Mayor Huang Yaping, vice mayors Dong Xuefeng, Wei Jun and Ma Yalong, and vice chairman of the municipal CPPCC and director of the Municipal Bureau of natural resources Shao Wenlong attended the meeting at the Yongji branch venue.

We will strengthen the information-based control of urban and rural housing construction, transformation and change of use.

We will speed up the introduction of policies in combination with the reality of cities and counties We will improve supporting policies, implementation rules and operating procedures.

Third, we will improve supporting systems.

Accelerate the preparation of village planning.

Fifth, strengthen inspection and supervision.

Second, strengthen publicity and guidance.

We will promote the sinking of the law enforcement power of housing construction in towns and townships.

(reporter: Du Xiaorui)   Hou Zhibin) build a beautiful and livable landscape city in northern China, build a high-quality transformation and development pilot area in the Yellow River Basin, build a national leisure tourism resort, build a national ecological civilization construction demonstration area, build a national modern agriculture demonstration area, build a national rail transit and electromechanical manufacturing industry cluster, and accelerate the transformation and development   Create “one city and five districts” and strive to write Yongji chapter of building socialist modernization in an all-round way.

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