Seriously! 65 illegal houses have been demolished in Yuanjiang rural areas

Cultivated land protection is a major event related to the food of 1.4 billion people.

127), which requires “eight prohibitions” for building houses on rural land occupied arbitrarily : cultivated land is the most precious resource in China.

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While clarifying laws, regulations and policies, they also obtained the trust and support of Mr.

Cultivated land is the “lifeblood” of food production and the “rice bag” of national food security and people In order to fully implement the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping on the protection of arable land, Yuanjiang County set up a leading group of work in time to work out the implementation plan, organize staff to carry out clean-up and investigation work to effectively solve the problem of rural occupied farmland construction, improve the efficiency of rural land use, firmly uphold the protection of cultivated land, the red line Yuanjiang County, adhere to scientific planning and centralized scheduling.

On September 18 in Yinyuan Town, Yinyuan town demolished the first case of rural land occupation and building houses.

After arriving at the illegal construction site, the law enforcement personnel shall implement a paddock for the illegal buildings according to their respective groups according to the arrangement and deployment before the operation, and the whole demolition site shall be in order.

At the beginning, Zhang, the violator, did not understand and support the demolition work, but through the patient explanation of the members of the working group and the publicity of relevant policies, Zhang realized his mistake and agreed to dismantle the three-story building under construction and rehabilitate his cultivated land.

Policy link on July 29, 2020, the Ministry of natural resources and the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas issued the notice on “eight prohibitions” for building houses on rural land occupied arbitrarily (natural resources development [2020] No.

On September 25, in mazizhai residents’ group of Dazhi community, through the members of the working group, they publicized the relevant disposal policies of illegal occupation of cultivated land for building houses to illegal homeowners for many times.

Li, the town people’s government, chelong village committee and the team stationed in the village have repeatedly carried out household publicity and mobilization, moved with emotion and explained with reason.

Through this demolition action, the people’s legal awareness of land use according to law and regulations has been strengthened.

It has laid a good foundation for the effective protection of cultivated land, improving the level of rural land management, and comprehensively completing the task of building houses on the illegally occupied cultivated land in rural areas.

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In the next step, the town Party committee and the town people’s government will continue to strengthen the rectification with a “zero tolerance” attitude, resolutely curb the building of houses on newly occupied cultivated land, and ensure the effectiveness of the special rectification of building houses on rural occupied cultivated land in Yuanzhen.

It is understood that the buildings demolished this time belong to the villagers in towns outside the county who illegally buy and sell land and occupy cultivated land to build their own houses.

In this demolition operation, the villagers consciously cooperated with law enforcement, set a good example, and quickly and effectively promoted the work.

The demolition not only let the people see the resolute attitude of the township party committee and government towards “zero tolerance” on the problems of indiscriminate occupation of cultivated land for building houses and private construction, but also helped to improve the people’s ideological awareness of “putting an end to illegal land use”.

If there is any infringement, please contact us to deal with it in time  。.

In order to ensure the smooth demolition of the pigsty built by Mr.

As of October 11, 65 have been demolished, with a total construction area of 7676.2 square meters and an area of 8769 square meters.

A illegal homeowner decided to dismantle the illegal houses and resume the cultivation of their cultivated land.

On September 18 in Nanuo Township, the Party committee and government of Nanuo Township took a unified action, coordinated the joint law enforcement of multiple departments, and jointly carried out the demolition and remediation of a case of building houses on farmland occupied by Hashi village committee of Nanuo township.

On September 25 in Ganzhuang street, the Party Working Committee and office of Ganzhuang street, in conjunction with relevant departments, demolished the two illegal occupation of cultivated land and building houses in Ganzhuang community and Xiaolongtan group in qinglongchang community, and comprehensively started the rectification of the problem of illegal occupation of cultivated land and building houses in Ganzhuang Street.

Villager Li Moumou voluntarily demolished the illegal pigsty, which played a leading and educational role for the surrounding people.

Firmly hold the red line of cultivated land protection and the bottom line of food security, and lay a solid foundation for the implementation of the Rural Revitalization strategy and the realization of an all-round well-off society.

On September 23 in Honghe street, Honghe Street organized personnel to demolish a three-story illegal house of xiaobeitian resident group in Daling community.

On September 25, Lijiang Street demolished the illegal occupation of cultivated land and self built houses by the yinkuang group and heshangwan group of the whole community according to law.

There is no room for any mistakes.

Li and agreed to voluntarily dismantle the pigsty and restore the land to its original state.

It is planned to demolish 6 illegal buildings according to law, covering a total area of 2200 square meters.

In the next step, Nanuo township will continue to strengthen the investigation and demolition of illegal land use, strengthen the main responsibility, ensure that there are no households in the village, ensure that “violations must be investigated, reported and demolished”, and resolutely implement the demolition of illegal buildings in detail! It is understood that at present, 191 cases of illegal construction of newly occupied cultivated land have been found in the county after July 3, 2020.


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