Four regulations on evacuation doors in buildings

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The evacuation doors of civil buildings and plant buildings shall adopt the side door opened in the evacuation direction, and the sliding door, rolling shutter door, hanging door, revolving door and folding door shall not be used.

When the door to the evacuation staircase or evacuation staircase is fully opened, the effective width of the landing shall not be reduced.

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The evacuation door of the warehouse shall adopt the side door opened in the evacuation direction, but the sliding door or rolling shutter door can be used outside the wall on the first floor of class C, D and e warehouses.

In densely populated places, the evacuation doors that need to control the random access of personnel and the external doors of houses, dormitories and apartment buildings with access control system shall ensure that they can be easily opened from the inside without using any tools such as keys in case of fire, and signs with use tips shall be set at prominent positions.

Except for class A and class B production workshops, there is no limit on the opening direction of the evacuation door in the room where the number of people does not exceed 60 and the average evacuation number of each door does not exceed 30.

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