Surreal beauty of the northernmost buildings on earth

“On the one hand, the wilderness wants to kill you; on the other hand, life is possible and continues.” Seler spent four years visiting Canada, Norway, Greenland and Iceland, taking photos of the northernmost buildings in the world and compiling a book, the polar Silk Road, so that people can explore the Arctic through the buildings under the lens.

His shots focused on more than a dozen remote scientific research facilities, military bases, economic development and raw material mining centers.

North early warning system (NWS), an air defense early warning radar system jointly built by the United States and Canada.

“I like the original atmosphere and exciting light.

The harsh temperature prevented most travelers from reaching this sparsely populated and desolate landscape, which attracted Austrian photographer George Seiler.

Egypt: Pyramid contemporary art exhibition – it will always be the current nftbay “piracy” website, and anyone can.

So as to build a complete spatial impression.

Scientists drill the ice sheet here to understand previous climatic conditions and ice flow behavior.

For me, the important thing is to let the audience feel the environment and dimension of this broad, surreal landscape.” Source: More planners of malt’er cultural and artistic activities: Jr large paper installation: the huge Neolithic Tiankeng next to the secret Stonehenge of the Louvre Pyramid confirms that it was built by humans.

Flat Rubber Recess Former

“I want to capture a void that is not empty.

They are mostly composed of sharp geometric shapes and exposed structural elements, and their functional forms are in sharp contrast to the desolate environment.

Everything is exposed.” He said the North Pole always fascinated him.

Copyright: Gregor sailer Beaufort Sea exploration drilling platform.

Like the Arctic itself, these facilities are usually simple and cold.

Copyright: Gregor sailer, eastgrip research facility in Greenland.

Photo Copyright: written by Gregor sailer | compiled by EVA Rothenberg | malt, the northernmost end of the earth, the North Pole.

Photo Copyright: gregorsailer China ice Arctic Observatory, achievements of scientific cooperation between research institutions in China and Iceland photo Copyright: gregorsailer Iceland geothermal power plant Krafla power station photo Copyright: gregorsailer Norwegian military facilities photo Copyright: gregorsailer photographer hopes his works can show the extremely exposed nature of these facilities.


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