[listening & reading] the landmark of Oxford City

It is the landmark of Oxford.

Carfax Tower is situated at the northwest comer of Carfax, which is regarded as the city centreof Oxford.

The tower is the only relic of St.

In 1896, the main body of the church was demolished and the city church was transferred to the All Saints Church on high street..

Tom tower is the bell tower of Christian Church College.

The discoverer tower is the second tallest tower of modlin college after modlin tower.

Michel’s church at the north gate, the main tower of the Christian Church, and the Radcliffe observatory.

Carfax Tower is situated in the city centre, and is the landmark of Oxford.

The maudlin tower is one of the oldest buildings of maudlin college and the tallest tower of the college.

The Tower is the only remains of St. Martin,s Church and is now owned by the Oxford CityCoimcil.

Founders Tower is the second highest tower at Magdalen College, after Magdalen Great Tower.

Kafaksta is located in the center of Oxford.

Kafaksta is located in the northwest corner of kafaks in the center of Oxford.

The mayor and local government officials would go there to worship.

Round Bar Ferrule

★ Chapter 9 ★ there are many towers in Oxford City, so it is named as “tower city” Oxford has many towers, so it is called “tower city”, the most , famous , towers , are , Carfax , tower, Magdalen , great , tower, founders , tower and Tom tower Among them, the most famous towers are kafaksta, diendlin high tower, discoverer tower and Tom tower.

Martin’s church and is now owned by the Oxford City Council.

Tom Tower is a bell tower at the Christ Church College.

Magdalen Great Tower is one of the oldest buildings at Magdalen College, as well as the highesttower at the College.

In addition, the famous towers in Oxford include the Saxon tower of St.

In 1896,the main part of the church was demolished, and the City Church was moved to AllSaints Church in the High Street.

It was the official City Church of Oxford between 1122 and 1896, where the Mayor and localgovernment officials were expected to worship.

It was the official city church of Oxford from 1122 to 1896.

In addition, the city’s other well known towers include the Saxon tower of St. Michael at theNorth Gate, the main tower of Christ Church Cathedral, and Radcliffe Observatory.


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