Handan recruitment Hebei gaijie Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (Overtime subsidy)

Project investment analysis, daily cost calculation and provide design change cost suggestions; 2.

Responsible for the company’s personnel, recruitment, handling of employee entry, resignation, social security and other related businesses 03 one budgeter to discuss the post responsibilities: 1.

Draft and manage contract documents, track and analyze contract implementation and review relevant terms; 5.

Familiar with the application, extension and change process of various key post certificates and the management process of continuing education;; 7.

Work contents: 1.

Work orderly and have strong coordination ability.

Familiar with the online service hall of Hebei Construction System and the online information submission system of construction enterprises.

Confidentiality of the company’s qualification information.

College degree or above, major in engineering management, industrial and civil construction, archives management and other related majors; 2.

02 two administrative specialists, 2.5k-3.5k/month.

Organize the implementation of internal bidding and cooperate with external bidding; 4.


Be familiar with the application, extension and change processes of various registrants’ certificates and the management process of continuing education; 5.

At least 2 years related working experience, with the qualification of registered cost engineer is preferred; 3.

Good team spirit and strong sense of responsibility; 5.

Qualifications: 1.

2, century street, economic development zone, Handan City, Hebei Province Tel: 0310-7643344..

Be good at writing bidding documents, contracts and business negotiations; 5.


Be familiar with the qualification certificate handling process of construction enterprises, and do a good job in the application, annual review, management and maintenance of all qualification certificates of the company; 4.

Review design estimation, construction drawing budget, preparation of bidding documents and calculation of quantities; 3.

Master the engineering cost management and cost control process in relevant fields, and understand relevant regulations and policies; 4.

Mainly responsible for the company’s qualification management, qualification change declaration, extension and change of work safety license, etc; 2.

Be familiar with the staffing requirements of various qualified personnel of construction enterprises, master the position of relevant registered personnel and technical and economic personnel of the company, and ensure that the company’s personnel meet the staffing requirements; 8.

Scanning, filing and management of relevant certificates of relevant registrants and technical and economic personnel of the company; 9.

Be familiar with the application, extension and change process of safety production three personnel certificates and the management process of continuing education; 6.

Qualifications: 1.

Be responsible for the management of engineering data and drawings and the processing of engineering documents; 3.

Engaged in relevant work for more than 1 year, with certain engineering data management experience; 3.

Be responsible for the filing, handover and borrowing management of archives of the engineering department; 2.

Be responsible for sorting out meeting minutes, weekly work plan, monthly work briefing and other official documents; 4.

Change negotiation, review and deal with claims.

Familiar with CAD, word, Excel and other drawing and office software; 4.

Company profile Hebei gaijie Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Rigorous work, good at communication, good team spirit and professional ethics; Welfare benefits, overtime subsidies, meals and social security contact information address: No.

Project payment review, settlement management, budget and final account report; 6.

College degree or above in construction engineering, cost, budget and other related majors; 2.

Recruitment position 01 2 documenters 2.8k-4k/month job responsibilities: 1.

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business scope includes architectural decoration engineering; Landscaping works; Municipal utilities; Steel structure works; Foundation and foundation works; Fire fighting facilities engineering; Urban and road lighting works; Water conservancy and hydropower projects; architectural engineering; Ancient architectural works; Highway pavement works; Waterproof, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation works; Building curtain wall works; Railway electrification project; Bridge works; Power engineering; Communication engineering.

Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.


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