Quality, integration and sharing — the seventh 2021 construction project quality management summit forum was successfully held in Shenzhen!

There is a long way to go.

In the future, country garden will also study how to improve the construction efficiency from the aspects of product support and management efficiency, supplemented by digital means through the concept, so as to bring essential cost reduction, quality improvement and efficiency increase to the industry, and achieve greater victory in the next competitive era..

The shaping of enterprise quality power and product power is becoming the bottom logic to lead the industry into high-quality development, and project fine management is the key to achieve high-quality development of the industry.

▲ in the new era, Wu Xiaoling, executive deputy general manager of Shenzhen Ruijie, engineering project construction and management should also rely on new forces to realize the deep integration of information technology and construction management, so as to further promote the high-quality development of the industry.

Nearly 300 industry elites gathered together to discuss quality ecological construction, project quality Safety management, new technology application and other hot topics, in-depth discussion of industry trends, decoding the new pattern of industrial development, promoting industrial integration in an all-round way, leading the new development of the quality of China’s construction projects, and working together to meet the people’s yearning for a better life.

At the same time, he also said that in the future, Ruijie hopes to further join the Bureau, better create value for customers and realize the sustainable development of the enterprise.

▲ fan Wenhong, chairman of Shenzhen Ruijie, came from leading real estate enterprises such as country garden, rongchuang, Shimao and sunshine city, industry research institutions such as Yihan think tank, and special guests from well-known real estate supply chain enterprises such as Guanglianda, Dongfang Yuhong and Engineering Research Institute of China Construction Eighth Bureau.

Country garden has taken a lead in the R & D and application of construction robots.

▲ Guo Jianfeng, vice president of Guanglianda group and general manager of digital builder Bu, afternoon, continue! Kan Hongbo, former vice president of CNOOC real estate group and founder of Shenzhen guanding planning project management center, brought his experience of “accurate policy implementation (actual measurement) to help project fine management”.

President Guo pointed out that smart construction sites are the hands of smart construction.

  ▲ Kan Hongbo, former vice president of CNOOC real estate group and founder of Shenzhen guanding planning project management center, with the rapid development of the industry and the increasing number of large public buildings, its management is also facing new challenges.

By integrating the smart site into the business scenario, it can realize the value of the third party of PDCA, and finally provide support for the decision-making and management of the whole enterprise project management based on data.

As a craftsman, country garden returns to the track of customer first, quality first and long-term ism.

The current real estate pattern is full of challenges and opportunities.

His speech was one of the highlights of this forum.

Focusing on digital intelligence innovation and enabling quality life, it brings together leaders and experts of government administrative departments, presidents in charge of engineering of top 100 real estate enterprises, chief engineers, industry research institutions and well-known enterprises in real estate supply chain.

Through practical investigation and inductive analysis, this paper summarizes the reasons for the sudden increase of industry pressure under the new pattern, the prominent industrial contradictions and the change of the underlying logic of the real estate industry.

Through training, ideological guidance represented by engineer culture and organizational guarantee, country garden hopes to truly improve the level of project management and project management from scientific laws.

Wing Nut Tie Rod

Wu proposed Ruijie idea and data-driven quality management solution.

Through Ruijie big data to analyze the current situation of industry quality, combined with policy trends and industry insight, she proposed that while realizing effective control of scale difference through the application of third-party tools in the past 11 years, There is also a phenomenon that the slice evaluation can not reflect the dark risks of the project, resulting in the inability to close the quality problems.

At the beginning of the meeting, fan Wenhong, chairman of Shenzhen Ruijie, made an opening speech.

Real estate enterprises need to make more rational, rational and ideal use of such tools as measurement.

▲ Ge Jie, vice president of Engineering Research Institute of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, Li Xiaolin, vice president of country garden group, general manager of human resources management center and general manager of operation center, shared the “building blocks with ingenuity, creating the future with two wings”, and introduced how country garden practices the way of engineering quality through “two wings as one”.

Guo Jianfeng, vice president of Guanglianda group and general manager of digital builder Bu, started from this and brought the sharing of “real estate enterprise competition, the way to break the situation of intelligent construction”.

The two wings refer to the hard power — the intelligent construction of country garden, and the soft power — digital operation.

Yan believes that under the general environment, quality management should start from the two definitions of “real estate of the times” and “real estate of the times”, and based on the theme and goal of building a better life and common prosperity put forward by the state, real estate enterprises should take the initiative to transform and become carriers and contributors.

From the performance of comprehensive data, there is still huge room for improvement in the level of project management.

Combined with the existing industry pattern and thinking about the past and future, Mr.

Focus on the profound changes in the industry in 2021 and explore the development situation of domestic engineering industry! On November 5-6, the seventh Engineering Quality Management Summit Forum 2021, hosted by Shenzhen Ruijie, ended successfully at Shenzhen Qianhai Marriott Hotel! This forum focuses on the four themes of [trend], [operation], [quality] and [digital intelligence].

It is planned to provide services centered on the project in 2022 to help real estate enterprises achieve the “four zeros” – zero leakage, zero casualty accidents, zero quality group complaints and zero major structural hidden dangers.

Based on years of practical experience in the industry, 10 industry elites delivered in-depth speeches, shared the latest management thinking and implementation strategies, and talked about quality co construction from all dimensions and links! Chen Xiaotian, chairman and chief researcher of Yihan shares, shared the theme of “industry space is still in existence, ecological win-win is the key”.

President Ge proposed that the focus of managing large-scale public building projects is to innovate the thinking mode and mode, and to achieve efficient construction, we need to pay close attention to the three aspects of organizational structure, scientific and technological innovation and design management, so as to achieve the construction goal of the project quickly and well.

He pointed out that the current real estate development can not bypass the topic of “quality”.

One of the great existing values and significance of the smart site is that it can digitize the whole project, precipitate knowledge and establish standards.

However, the quality of measurement and quality is not simply equal.

Ge Jie, vice president of Engineering Research Institute of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, summarized many years of experience and shared the efficient construction and technological innovation of large public buildings from the perspective of general contractor, Through the introduction of the actual case construction process, the participants exchanged the experience and key technological innovation accumulated by China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau in large-scale public building projects in recent years.

Guanglianda believes that due to the changes in the characteristics of real estate enterprises and the logic of survival and development, real estate enterprises will vigorously promote digital transformation and become the source of power for intelligent construction in order to reshape their competitiveness.

For the subsequent development of quality control, Mr.

Under the new pattern, although the industry cycle has encountered a cold winter, the industry ecology still exists! ▲ Chen Xiaotian, chairman and chief researcher of Yihan shares, Yan Jicheng, vice president of the engineering management center of Shimao Group, focused on the quality road of Shimao, shared how Shimao created an efficient engineering management system from the three levels of organization, system and culture, and implemented Shimao’s adherence to quality ingenuity.

On this basis, President Chen believes that when any underlying logic changes, it will lead to the readjustment and evolution of the relationship between all our practitioners and stakeholders, form new models and paths, and form new huge opportunities.

Under the background of the development of national strategy from speed and scale to quality, the people’s pursuit of a better life has never stopped.

High quality management requires accurate policy implementation, and the measured quantity is also the embodiment, means and measures of accurate policy implementation of project management.

▲ Yan Jicheng, vice president of the engineering management center of Shimao Group, and Wu Xiaoling, executive vice general manager of Shenzhen Ruijie, followed the pulse of industry development and brought the keynote speech “using data to drive quality improvement” to all guests.


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