In 2021, China’s top ten ugly buildings were released, and Evergrande project on the verge of bankruptcy topped the list

Project location: this “ugly building” in Puyang, Henan Province The members of the jury are Wang Mingxian, a scholar of architecture and art history of China Academy of Arts, a visiting professor of the school of architecture of the Central Academy of fine arts, and a professor level senior architect of China Architectural Society Gu Mengchao, a famous architectural critic, architectural design office of Zhongfang group Bu Zhengwei, the main founder and senior chief architect of (Comprehensive Grade A), Zhou Rong, associate professor of School of architecture of Tsinghua University, famous architectural critic, Cao Xiaoxin, deputy chief architect of China Architectural Design and Research Institute, host of Daqi architecture studio, Wang Yonggang, researcher of Public Art Institute of China National Academy of painting, founder of Chaocheng architectural design office, host architect, Che Fei, expert of judge, signed for confirmation What is the significance of the selection of ugly buildings? In fact, many netizens hold the mentality of “watching the excitement” for this annual ugly selection competition.

Project location: Guangzhou, Guangdong 7, G60 Kechuang cloud Gallery list reason: blindly pursue urban wonders with false and wasteful exaggeration to cover up the mediocre design of the main building.

Project location: Wuhan, Hubei 10 Changqing Road Bridge over Jindi River (Longfeng bridge) is listed for the following reasons: its form is vulgar, its technique is clumsy, and it is against the basic logic and aesthetic spirit of modern bridge structure.

Reasons for Evergrande’s Haihua island building complex: capital acts willfully, destroys marine ecology, and has strange and messy shapes.

On December 16, 2021, the annual “selection of China’s top ten ugly buildings” was held in Beijing.

Blind bionics; 7.

Strange and vulgar posture; 9.

Reason for listing: the boring single skin covers a variety of functions and super large-scale building volume as a whole, endangering the urban visual environment.

According to the organizer, the review implements the building guidelines for the new era of “applicability, economy, beauty and green”, focusing on: 1 The use function of the building is extremely unreasonable; 2.

Plagiarism and Shanzhai; 4.

Langhao hotel in dawangshan.

Project location: Changsha, Hunan 9.

Project location: Suzhou, Jiangsu 3.

Reason for listing: illogical volume cutting, rough technique, improper proportion and self defeating.

” If it continues today, it shows that the problem still exists.

Reasons for the listing of Weijing International Hotel: the building renewal and transformation failed to correct the original design defects, and the more it was changed, the uglier it became, which damaged the city image of the east gate of the capital.

Extremely inharmonious with the surrounding environment and nature; 3.

Outlook Oriental weekly had an exclusive interview with Gu Mengchao, a famous architectural critic and 81 year old, who is the evaluation expert of China’s top ten ugly buildings.

Gu Mengchao said, “in the past, we rarely talked about” Ugliness “, and domestic aesthetic research did not study ugliness well.

The activity was held by RCC ruidaheng’s media architecture talk network, which aims to curb the frequent occurrence of ugly buildings and promote excellent architectural culture.

Reason for listing: deliberately seeking blame, being coy and increasing costs, which is neither reasonable nor beautiful.

The list of China’s top ten ugly buildings in 2021 was finally determined through public voting and selection by the expert jury.

Project location: Changchun, Jilin 6.

It is a representative work of fake large space design.

Reason for listing: the concept of streamer is attached in a non functional super-scale form.

The significance of judging ugliness is that knowing shame is almost courage – only when we know the existing problems can we improve and make progress.

Some people think that beauty may be ugly in other people’s eyes.

However, for Chinese architecture, this selection is very important.

Project location: Danzhou, Hainan 2.

The modeling is exaggerated and wasteful.

Reason for listing: the design imitates the “seed” shape by pictographic means, which is far fetched and deviates from the expression of the theme of contemporary construction science and technology.

Project location: Shanghai Songjiang 8.

Pictures from the network, for learning reference only!  。.

Hongyang Plaza.

2021 the 12th list of China’s top ten ugly buildings 1.

When talking about the significance of the evaluation, Mr.

It is a typical example of rich and vulgar cultural and tourism projects.

Project location: Beijing 5.

Alibaba South China operation center.

Project location: Jinan, Shandong 4.

Deliberate symbolism and metaphor; 8.

Suzhou Bay cultural center.

Reasons for the listing of FAW red flag Innovation Building: the overall design idea follows the pictographic formalism routine, and the design vocabulary conflicts with itself, affecting the “innovation” image of the enterprise.

Lifting Foot Anchor

Blindly worship the foreign and imitate the ancient; 5.

Everyone has his own point of view.

Compromise and patchwork; 6.

At the beginning, the project team of this selection activity thought that the three or five sessions of “big ugly buildings” were almost over, but now it has been done for 12 sessions and ugly buildings are still emerging, which just shows that there are still many places that have not been done well.

Beauty and ugliness are never absolute.

China Construction Science and Technology Museum.


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