Moon cake box with buildings? Federico barbina’s building box

It is a different universe, inviting the audience to immerse themselves and use all their senses to find smell, sound, freedom and rules.

But sometimes I just set myself on a special journey, such as bathing in the light from the window, stroking the wall, or listening to the song of the wind and trying to judge its shape…” ——Federico barbina opens this container like starting a game.

Finally, I wish you a happy mid autumn festival..

Nevertheless, this sense of deception is also pleasant, because some of these skills have not been explored, so that people can fully enjoy the unexpected surprises.

The rules of the game are composed of emotions and feelings.

Federico barbina barbina, an illustrator of archibox series, describes these boxes as “gifts” – wrapping paper, boxes and surprises appear at the same time.

Here, it is full of floating curves, dynamic lines, circles enclosed in boxes, fantasies challenging balance, gravity and freedom, which are used to try to assemble and disassemble some nonexistent buildings.

Key words: illustration; Architecture; Box “I’ve always been interested in architecture.

“Just as a child begins to open a gift, I immerse myself in the building and try to understand how it works and its composition skills.

They are always fresh and different.

This time, we bring you barbina’s latest series “archibox”.

For people, architecture is a magic box, in which there are tricks, but no one sees it.

Let’s enjoy these 17 special “boxes”.

Solid Lifting Socket Cross Pin

It’s built with ideas, not just form and function, because good ideas will transform architecture into the expression of a culture, an era and a society.” – Federico babina, we should all eat moon cakes and see a wide range of square moon cake boxes near the Mid Autumn Festival, Have you ever thought about whether there can be a building in Fang Fang’s box? Today, let’s take a look at Federico barbina’s building box.

Each work is a box full of surprises, full of shapes, geometry, colors and materials.

This series has 17 opened boxes.

Each box tries to illustrate an imaginary building through this veil, shuttling in the spatial background between architecture, city and landscape.


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