Zaha Hadid: the late legendary “Queen of architecture” left a sense of the future

More than 200 original models and precious manuscripts traveled across the sea to Shanghai Art Warehouse art museum to lead the Chinese audience to review the legendary “Queen of architecture” The evolution of Zha’s works over the past 40 years and the image of Zaha’s imaginary future city.

  ▲ Galaxy SOHO, Beijing, China, 2008-2012   Photography: hufton + crow, provided by Zaha Hadid architectural firm ▲ Lize SOHO, Beijing, China, 2015-2019   Photo: hufton + crow, provided by Zaha Hadid architectural firm.

The ground is like an object of love and becomes the actual destination of her building..

As for Beijing Lize SOHO, Daxing airport and other works, Zaha’s pioneer design, her bold combination of the latest materials and processes and forward-looking space concept have expanded people’s ideas for future architecture.

In fact, her unconventional design was eliminated in the first round of the primary election, which was fortunately for the judges at that time Jizaki shin, the chairman of the meeting and the Japanese architect (winner of the Pritzker Prize in 2019), has a unique insight and picked up Zaha’s scheme from the waste paper pile.

Text/   Our reporter Li naiqing from Shanghai intern reporter Gong Yufan’s cover photo  / Giovanna Silva editor/   Zhou Jianping “Architecture is not just a shelter, it should excite you, comfort you and make you think.” the works left by the late architect Zaha Hadid capture and solidify the shape of the wind…

She regards this land as “a place that inspires me and inspires me.” ▲ Aliyev cultural center, Baku, Azerbaijan, 2007-2012   Photography: hufton + crow, provided by Zaha Hadid architectural firm ▲ water sports center of London Olympic Games, London, UK, 2005-2011 / 2014   Photography: hufton + crow, provided by Zaha Hadid architectural firm ▲ Rome 21st century art museum, Rome, Italy, 1998-2009   Photo: hufton + crow, provided by Zaha Hadid architecture firm, Zaha has played her unrestrained great skill in many places in China.

Guangzhou Opera House is shaped like pebbles washed by the Pearl River, Beijing Galaxy SOHO is like towering terraces, Changsha Meixi Lake International Culture and Art Center is like three Hibiscus blooming on the lake, and Nanjing International Youth Culture Center combines local non-material objects The technique of weaving gold and silver threads in the cloud brocade of the qualitative cultural heritage creates a strong “flow movement”…

The exhibition closed at the end of August, with more than 60000 visitors.

“People’s attention to the future survival is weakening, because the future looks very severe, and people are beginning to become numb…

When Zaha’s scheme was finally displayed, the sharp corners and spires piercing the cliff brought unprecedented visual impact, and the whole building seemed to fly up over the city…

When I was in China, I saw many old people in the park looking after their grandchildren, which surprised me Understand the relationship between Chinese people and the natural environment.

“People’s concern about future survival is diminishing, because the future looks quite grim, and people are beginning to become numb…

The rapid development of China also gives her the opportunity to realize her imagination.

In July of this year, after 5 years of Zaha’s death, ZahaHadidArchitecture Zaha Hadid (ZHA) held the first practice and exploration in mainland China.

Her breakthrough in traditional design is like a foreign object in the sky, and the flowing curve has a symbolic sense of sculpture.

The suddenly sinking floor, inclined wall and soaring ceiling seem to be separated from gravity…

▲ bee’ah headquarters, Sharjah, UAE, 2014-2021 drawing: Mir, Zaha Hadid architecture firm provided the drawing “there are 360 degrees in all directions.

She is the first and only woman who has independently won the “Pritzker Award”, the highest honor in the construction industry, and was awarded the prize in 2010 “Time” magazine is rated as the 100 most influential people in the world.

These bulk pieces of different sizes are like getting rid of gravity and floating in the 13 meter atrium In fact, a slope for transportation connects the main street at the top of the mountain and the reception area of the club.

Like other contemporary architects, in her concept, the surface is the key interface between architecture and city, but she follows Le Corbusier’s “lib é rationusol” with most architects Her design falls from the sky to the ground – like a free moving planet – instead of taking off from the ground, she swoops down.

The 21st century art museum in Rome and the water of the London Olympic Games Both the Shanghai Sports Center and the Aliyev cultural center are the architectural manifesto expressed by Zaha with rich flowing space.

Different from the Zaha style curve that people are later familiar with, her early design adopted multiple strip-shaped space blocks.

Among them, Beijing Daxing airport is one of her most amazing works, which is praised by the media as the first of the “seven wonders of the new world”.

As early as 1981, Zaha and her were at the architectural Union College in London, UK Colleagues from the Architectural Association (AA) came to China for the first time.

It was a fascinating trip.

“My drawings shocked me as soon as they came out.

Special exhibition.

I had never been so attracted by the garden scenery.

The design of Hong Kong mountaintop club is multi-layer water The construction of artificial cliffs with flat cantilevers shows Zaha’s creative reproduction of the local terrain.

Jizaki Shin said: “I am deeply attracted by her unique expressiveness and thorough philosophy.” ▲ the first project of cecep · Shanghai, Shanghai, China, 2020   Drawing:, Zaha Hadid architecture firm provided the early design of Zaha, showing her incredible sensibility to the surface.

He easily arranges various spaces such as dining bar, swimming pool, library and fitness platform at different heights.

“We went north from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Jinan to Beijing.

No one had seen such a building in the 1980s.” In Zaha’s works, the building is like a sharp knife, cutting off the mountain and overlooking the whole city.

Pile Cage Spacer

But I have no doubt about the ‘future’.” Zaha architectural firm has carried out more than 100 projects in China so far.

But I have no doubt about the ‘future’.” the Iraqi is dead, and now in the buildings she left behind, the sense of the future is still overwhelming.

Unfortunately, she herself failed to witness the completion of most of her works.

“Shortly after the end of that trip to China, Zaha, an unknown AA lecturer, led a group of students to participate in the global design competition of Hong Kong mountaintop club in 1982.

Zaha is like building blocks.

The abstract echo between the building and the surrounding environment is one of the core concepts of her design.

She beat more than 1700 contestants from all over the world and won the first Prize in the bidding.

I was inspired by a lot of spatial planning and design.

We stayed in China for a month and took the coastal line.

Why do you stare at an angle?”   The unrestrained Zaha is unmarried all her life and has been subverting people’s prejudice against architecture, nationality and gender all her life.

The whole club is staggered and stacked by these square tubes, just like a spaceship anchored on the top of Taiping mountain.

Utopia: 10 years “An architect on paper” “in many places, people’s imagination of cities and life has solidified, but unlike China, everything here is changing and moving forward, with unlimited possibilities.” China’s unique cultural and geographical features once brought rich inspiration to Zaha.


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