A Fang palace is an unfinished building, because there is a lack of cultural relics in the front hall site during the archaeological process

Please do not take your seat according to the number.) according to historical records, the “first palace in the world” a Fang palace was built in 212 BC.

Did the cultural relics of the Qin Dynasty be stolen by tomb robbers? With a discovery, the experts immediately denied this speculation, because captain Li Yufang found that there was no scorched earth in this site.

Historical records [Han] Sima Qian, published by Zhonghua publishing house..

All along, People all over the world think that Xiang Yu set fire to the palace, because although Liu Bang “entered the pass first”, he made a three chapter agreement with the people to “kill, hurt and steal to atone for the crime”.

If Xiang Yu burned the a-fang palace, there would be scorched earth on the ground, but there was no scorched earth at all.

With the continuous change of dynasties, the Afang palace somehow disappeared in the long river of history.

Therefore, a Fang palace is a unfinished project.

So far, a Fang palace has disappeared in the world.

Although the information told us through archaeology may not be beautiful, it must be accurate enough.

Due to historical reasons, there is only one front hall site left here, so all work should be carried out from here.

After the mausoleum was repaired, Chen Sheng, Wu Guang uprising and social unrest, the officials of the previous dynasty had no intention to build it.

At that time, the leader of the team was Ms.

The fire will not go out in March, but here only said that he burned the Xianyang palace, but did not mention a Fang palace.

This series of practices not only made him lose the support of the nobles of the Qin Dynasty, but also made him unable to see his own strategists.

Only evidence can tell us the truth.

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What puzzles the experts most is that in such a large vestibule site, a cylindrical tile can not be found.

Until 2006, 2218 years after the day it was built, Chinese archaeologists came to the former site of Afang palace and began to systematically excavate and study it.

“When the six kings are completed, the four seas are one; when Shu mountain is Wu, a Fang comes out.” Qin Shihuang dominated the world and the Chinese nation entered the first feudal dynasty.

When Qin Shihuang suddenly died, the craftsmen went to repair the mausoleum of Qin Shihuang.

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Wen Xiucai, editor in chief of Wenlan Hairun studio, written by: special history writer: Jin Xiaozhou data source: 1.

However, Xiang Yu insisted on his own way, as recorded in the historical records of Xiang Yu, Xiang Yu set fire to the Qin palace in Xianyang.

After entering the excavation, we found that the rammed earth foundation of the QianDian site was 1270 meters long from east to west, 426 meters wide from north to South and 12 meters high at that time.

Everyone in the group was shocked to get this conclusion, because it meant that the purpose of archaeology could not be achieved, but Ms.

Moreover, there was no trace of charcoal in the column hole of the site, which showed that the a-fang palace had not been burned.

Not only that, he also stationed troops in the city.

“Garrison soldiers call, letter Valley lift, Chu people burn a torch, poor scorched earth!” The poet’s literary talent is naturally excellent, but it may not be true.

As soon as Xiang Yu entered Xianyang with hatred for the Qin Dynasty, he directly connived at his men to kill 200000 Qin troops who had laid down their weapons, and cut off Prince Qin’s babies who surrendered to Liu Bang.

Without these buildings, there were palace walls.

Li still insisted on publishing a real report to make everything in a Fang palace known to the world.

What is this? Experts suddenly fell into confusion.

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Captain Li immediately felt that something was wrong.

You know, a building must have a roof, and the main composition of the roof is tiles, which are super weather resistant objects, So it won’t degrade and disappear, and grave robbers are not interested in tiles.

They learned about the general situation of Afang Palace site.

Since then, the people in the city lived in peace until Xiang Yu entered Xianyang.

As early as 2000, she won the first prize for outstanding achievements of the Academy of social sciences with her compilation of Weiyang palace of the great wall of the Han Dynasty, and made great achievements in the professional field.

On the whole, without tiles, we can only draw a conclusion that the front hall can be stopped without being completely completed, or even just a foundation has been completed.

Li, a famous archaeologist in China.

There was no faint shadow of the Afang Palace “isolating the sky and the sun”.

Most of the modern people’s impression of a Fang palace is that Qin Shihuang is extravagant and licentious.

He has collected beauty treasures all over the country and built a “pleasure nest” for himself.

What’s the matter? Next, let me reveal the secret for you.

Lifting Foot Anchor

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After entering the front hall, there are no palace buildings in the three walls, and even few building materials.

There are no common facilities such as pillar foundation stone, pilaster, drainage facilities, water wells and so on.

Before the excavation, Captain Li and the team members did a lot of work.

History is history, story is story, and fact is fact.

No matter how rampant grave robbers are, it is impossible to steal all the tiles.

However, experts point out that a Fang palace is actually an unfinished building.

In 207 BC, Zhao Gao made a riot and forced Qin II to commit suicide.


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