Little Shenyang construction site dance! Wearing old clothes and plastic helmets, the ground behind him is dirty

It’s really unexpected for a big star to dance in such a real environment.

With his high popularity and national popularity accumulated in his sketches for many years, many large-scale film and television works like to invite Xiao Shenyang to participate.

He danced with excitement towards the lens and tried to interact with everyone.

In fact, everyone has the right to choose his own career.

On that day, he dressed quite grounded and wore a simple old coat.

Nowadays, Little Shenyang has rarely performed on the comedy stage, but most of the time, he is active in various production teams.

Now he has almost become a full-time filmmaker.

He looked very happy.

He didn’t even return home.

He not only dressed up to be grounded, but also specially opened the special effect of the most prominent head.

I believe Xiaoshenyang can continue to work hard to bring joy to everyone in the future…

Almost all his facial features were pulled out of shape in the lens.

For example, in Jackie Chan’s upcoming spring festival film, Xiao Shenyang guest starred.

Little Shenyang construction site dance! Wearing old clothes and plastic helmets, the garbage behind him is dirty.

But a piece of construction waste and messy iron tripods behind Xiao Shenyang still make people feel a little dirty.

Although Xiao Shenyang said in his own essay that it was because of the Chinese new year, in order to earn some pocket money, many people speculated that his modeling should only be filming on the set, and the role modeling needed him to dress up like this.

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Recently, Xiao Shenyang aired his dance video on the social platform.

Talented people can shine wherever they go.

Not long ago, on the winter solstice, Little Shenyang also showed a picture of himself making dumplings with the staff.

Once one of Zhao Benshan’s most proud disciples, Xiao Shenyang’s popularity was once amazing, but he was also the fastest transformation among all Zhao Benshan’s disciples.

Although people who like Shenyang sketches will feel sorry for him, I believe someone will like him to appear on the screen.

His current work schedule seems to be much richer than everyone thought.

Little Shenyang was quite open in the video.

Although there are not many scenes, it is enough to see how much he is loved in the film and television industry to guest star in Jackie Chan’s films.

With the plastic helmet on his head, he looked almost no different from ordinary workers.


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