[jianjiantong] at the end of the year, I will be grateful to those who have given me warmth in my life

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When you are forced by the environment and trapped by the situation, you will get rid of your frustration and be an open-minded yourself when you are in ordinary life.

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A warm look in your eyes and a ray of sincere wordless care are the magical power to forget your troubles, so that you can wipe away your tears and smile again.

It is a beautiful accident to meet anyone.

A pair of arms stretched out when you fall and the company you never give up when you fall all the way will turn into an invisible power, allowing you to stand up bravely and continue to forge ahead.

Cherish everyone who can be called a friend! Time, will precipitate the most true feelings; Wind and rain will test the warmest company.

No matter how strong a person is, he is also vulnerable.

A sincere encouragement and a pair of shoulders silently sent over when crying are the dawn of your heart, which makes you energetic and pick up your confidence in the past.

Even if the world is full of strange and changeable, there will be a bright lamp to follow silently and strengthen your faith.

Life is not everything.

Bolt Anchor

No matter how successful you are, you also have times of failure.

At the end of the year, I am grateful to my friends who helped me in my life, and to those who gave me warmth in my life! (source: integrated on the Internet, the picture and copyright belong to the original author.

Even if the world has been shrouded in dark clouds, one meter of sunshine will break through the haze and shine into your heart.

Any move in life is a gift of years.

You are the most precious gift that the world has returned to you; It is the most real warmth that you treat others with kindness and return to you.

Looking back on the years, in the winter of your life, in fact, warmth is everywhere, just like a furnace of charcoal sent in the cold snow, which always moves you unexpectedly.

Even if the world is so cold and thin, there will be a care around to warm your life.

No matter how happy you are, there are also times of sadness.

No matter how proud people are, they also have time to bow their heads.

Even if the world has not been gentle to you, there will be surprises you will meet on your way.

Life is a wandering journey.


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