Liang Sicheng: known as China’s architectural master, why is Japan regarded as a great benefactor

Most of the ancient buildings they are looking for are scattered in sparsely populated villages.

Liang Sicheng listened to the roaring bulldozers rolling over ancient buildings.

In order to accurately map the height of the tower brake, Liang Sicheng limped and climbed the tower brake in the air with an iron chain in one hand and kept pressing the camera shutter in the other hand, taking pictures of the details of the tower brake and the degree of breathtaking, so that everyone took a breath.

After 1932, in order to more systematically investigate and study Chinese ancient architecture, the couple led the team to embark on the road of field search.

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He dragged his sick body, stayed up late to draw design sketches and lobbied around.

However, this proposal was opposed by Liang Sicheng: “if Beijing wants to develop on the basis of history, it must preserve the style of the beautiful city formed by history.” therefore, he cooperated with Chen Zhanxiang and put forward the famous “Liang Chen scheme” based on the principle of “giving consideration to both ancient and modern, old and new interests”.

Liang Sicheng also injured his spine in a car accident and became lame.

For more than ten years, Liang Sicheng’s ambition of “Chinese people must study their own architecture and Chinese people must write their own architectural history” was finally achieved.

Liang Sicheng is our great benefactor in Japan!” but Liang Sicheng, who saved Japanese ancient architecture in the midst of national hatred, was unable to save the ancient architecture in the old city of Beijing a few years later, which became the biggest regret of his life.

The onlookers looked at their desperate posture and were surprised: “what do you do here? It’s not too dirty.” “the war is in chaos, and you run to see the temple from Peiping…” of course, outsiders won’t know.

But few people know that behind his stubbornness is Liang Sicheng’s deep love for Chinese architecture.

Liang Sicheng said, “when the country is in crisis, he will never leave the motherland.” he was unable to change the destruction of Chinese culture caused by war.

In post-war China, a hundred wastes are waiting for prosperity, and Beijing is also facing reconstruction.

Soviet experts involved in the new construction believe that Beijing should be built into a large industrial city.

But before the 20th century, China was internationally recognized as “no architectural history”.

Fukuyama Minnan, the authority of Japanese ancient architecture, once said gratefully, “Mr.

This is a political problem!” the distressed Liang Sicheng finally had no choice but to leave a sentence: “in 50 years, history will prove you wrong, and I am right.” in the eyes of many people, Liang Sicheng is too stubborn about ancient buildings.

Until the victory of the Anti Japanese War, in 1946, Liang Sicheng was invited to give lectures at Yale University in the United States.

In 1953, Zuo’an gate was destroyed; In 1954, the twin towers of Qingshou temple were destroyed; In 1956, the Zhonghua Gate was destroyed…

If you want to understand the relevant content, you need to look up foreign books.

Because it is in disrepair for a long time, it is broken and hung down.

They live in a low dark earthen house, often haunted by snakes and rats, no running water, no electric lights, and kerosene lamps should be used sparingly.

At that time, Liang Sicheng suffered from spinal soft tissue sclerosis, which made it more and more inconvenient to move.

There are also Japanese architectural scholars who once shouted: “if you want to see the architecture of the Tang Dynasty, you can only come to Japan!” although China has a history of thousands of years, it has been despised by foreigners and even provoked naked.

In order to make the plan easier to understand and more convincing, Liang Sicheng, who was plagued with disease, used rendering skills to draw a full-length picture scroll of 1:200, which illustrated the perfect coexistence of ancient buildings and new Beijing.

In addition to the acceptance of the proposal to protect the Forbidden City, the old city of Beijing will become a modern city full of reinforced concrete tall buildings.

It is these people who seem to have “enough to support” who have traveled all over China in a few years, mapped more than 200 groups of ancient buildings and drawn 1898 mapping maps, It has left many precious materials of Chinese ancient architectural relics for future generations.

More often, they have to walk on their feet.

They have taken long-distance buses and two wheeled mules.

The lame brave people who look for ancient buildings in troubled times now mention Chinese architecture, which is admired and praised by all countries in the world.

Moreover, in the era of war, the traffic is inconvenient, bandits are rampant, and the search road is difficult and dangerous.

It was very inconvenient to walk.

His wife Lin Huiyin also had serious lung disease.

But no one expected that Liang Sicheng had completed the compilation of the history of Chinese architecture in two years! This means that no Chinese people write the history of Chinese architectural history, which is over! But this should have been exciting news, but no one paid attention to it because of the war.

The story of talents and beauties makes him one of the most famous figures of the Republic of China, but it also covers up the greatest achievements of his life.

military, and many important cities were temporarily in ruins, but Kyoto and Nara survived, and the ancient buildings were basically intact.

Liang Sicheng refused again: “it’s a nation to live with his family for a long time, but he doesn’t want to break the country’s mountains and rivers!” after that, Liang Sicheng wrote an English version of “image history of Chinese architecture”.

The wooden tower as a whole is 23 stories high, of which the tower brake of the whole tower is close to 4 stories high, and the iron chain at the corner of the house is tied on the top.

It is the highest existing wooden structure building in the world – Yingxian Wooden Tower.

After the outbreak of the war of resistance against Japan, the patriotic scholar who compiled the history of Chinese architecture completely cut off the source of funds for the ancient architecture search team.

However, the overall situation has been decided.

Liang Sicheng was determined by his strong sense of national shame: “Chinese people must study their own architecture and Chinese people must write their own architectural history.” therefore, after returning home in 1928, Liang Sicheng and his wife Lin Huiyin founded the first Department of architecture in the history of modern education in China.

He had to do his best to leave traces of Chinese architectural treasures.

Liang Sicheng, the master of Chinese architecture, died in 1972..

During these difficult years, American schools and institutions once offered Liang Sicheng job invitations and provided good medical conditions.

When they moved to Lizhuang, they barely made a living by pawning clothes and watches.

Western architectural scholars have also ridiculed Chinese architectural design, saying that they only pay attention to decoration and have no characteristics.

The “old die hards” who stick to old Beijing are most impressed by the Forbidden City in the snow, the hutongs full of life, and the Ditan covered with Ginkgo biloba…

A friend advised Liang Sicheng that staying in the United States would have better development.

His lecture won a lot of praise.

But in the end, Liang Sicheng was defeated by Soviet experts.

In this regard, Liang Sicheng was very sad.

After thinking for a long time, he decided to run as hard as he could, hoping to at least protect the old city wall of Beijing.

The mention of Liang Sicheng is always inseparable from Lin Huiyin.

They have lived in roadside shops with swarms of lice, slept in ancient temples that can not cover the wind and rain, encountered fleeing troops and robbers blocking the road, and faced the embarrassment and hardship of starvation.

He can’t change it on his own.

But without Liang Sicheng, maybe Beijing would be different now.

Looking at the remains of his ancestors, they were destroyed into ruins, but he could only cry out in tears: “ancient buildings are definitely treasures, and the more they go forward, the more they can reflect their value! Tearing down a city tower is like digging out a piece of my flesh; stripping the city bricks in the outer city is like stripping a layer of my skin!” But in exchange for such a call, the response was a warning: “Beijing demolishes the archway, and the city gate also cries.

Although this masterpiece was published after the 1990s, it brought great shock to all architectural researchers in the world and completely rejected “China has no architectural history” International prejudice.

The most thrilling one was surveying and mapping a wooden tower.

He brought the history of Chinese architecture and the history of Chinese sculpture to show China’s brilliant architectural culture in the international academic community and proved that the Chinese people can study architecture by themselves.

Liang Sicheng can only watch Beijing start large-scale demolition.

In 1945, Japan was heavily bombed by the U.S.

Artillery fire spread all over China, and the pace of searching for ancient buildings was forced to stop.


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