I, 28 years old, construction accountant, no intermediate, no note society, annual salary of 500000: it’s not that you’re worthless, but


Even learning one knowledge point can make you a lot easier in the construction industry! Why do you have to learn? 4 reasons! 01   The frequent new policies make it difficult to deal with construction finance and taxation! As one of the most popular industries in accounting, the finance and taxation treatment of construction industry is really not easy.

Today, an open class is set up, and the core building financial and tax knowledge is given to you free of charge! The program is full of dry goods, and only 400 people are allowed.

None of them has built a skill system and solved the “labor cost” and “tax collection” “Master of accounting! Because this is the core skill that the construction owner needs to master most to meet the needs of the industry! Some people may say, I know these are very important, but self-study is not systematic, and the old accountant is unwilling to take me.

For construction accountants, the annual salary of 500000 is not high.

An off-line class starts at 50000 yuan.

By the end of the second, you can feel the sincerity of the program You are full of dry goods.

Although the salary is generally high, the work is extremely complex and there are great risks.

I think you will be very curious! Many people are trying to get intermediate and registration certificates, but the question is, is it useful? The truth is: the certificate is just a stepping stone, but it doesn’t help much for salary increase and promotion! We should know that the requirements of the construction industry for accounting are no longer a certificate problem, but pay more attention to comprehensive skills: in addition to being able to easily deal with various businesses such as cleaning contractor, material supply by Party A and subcontracting, we should also be able to solve various problems such as “labor cost”, “tax planning”, “expenditure without ticket”, “social security” and “affiliation”, especially in “labor cost” and “tax planning” “On the one hand, whoever has strong skills will be reused and get a high salary! So as a construction accountant, we must know what the industry needs! As long as we get the corresponding ability, we will receive rich returns! Don’t believe it! At the beginning, I built a skill system very carefully, and finally solved the problems of labor cost and tax financing for the enterprise , that’s how you become a financial manager! You can observe those high paid accountants in the construction industry.

This is a 5-day public live broadcast, with an additional meal on the last day, with a limited time of 0 yuan for free admission, which will not only take you through the “labor cost” once Problems can also help you create a comprehensive construction tax raising + practical skills system, which can be used for work after learning! Whether you are a cashier, a general accountant, a newcomer who wants to change careers, or any financial person, as long as you want to make achievements in the construction industry, you must not miss this opportunity! Identify the QR code below and join for free 👇 [300 Q & A Guide for construction enterprises] [introductory course + Kingdee financial software operation tutorial] (there is no need to collect praise, forward, fill in personal data, etc.) Mr.

In particular, the “labor cost” of construction and labor enterprises “Problems have always frightened the people of Finance and accounting! But don’t be afraid.

Wang Zhonghua, a finance and taxation expert in the construction industry, will give you a systematic and intensive lecture – “training camp for financial managers in the construction industry” It involves the accounting processing of the construction industry, the use guide of Kingdee software, the whole process of tax declaration, the accounting of construction costs, the collaborative management of wages, social security and individual income tax, the expenditure without tickets, the tax planning and implementation plan of the construction industry, etc.

What can I do? Don’t worry! Today, I bring you good news! It’s completely free! October 11   19: The class starts at 00-20:30.

But I’m only 28 years old, and I got it without intermediate and annotation.

As long as you find the right teacher, you can also become a” sweet pastry “in the construction industry! Big coffee helps speed up the fast lane of the workplace [0 yuan rush purchase] ↓↓.

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The courses taught are widely praised by the students.

He has 8 years of financial and tax training experience.

Wang Zhonghua once served as the financial manager of a large enterprise in East China.


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