Building structures – Plumbing and electricity

For a long time, the company has adhered to active service and value-added service, and took building a value-added service industry chain as its own responsibility.

Business scope: special grade and first grade general contracting of municipal, highway, chemical and construction, class a qualification of engineering design, class a qualification of engineering survey, class a qualification of engineering supervision, consultation, bidding, planning, etc.

From 2012 to 2021, the company undertook up to 53 Enterprises with special qualification.

Certificates before 2016 are required.

Yunnan super unit seeks Building 2, water supply and drainage 2, HVAC 2, certificate 12 years or before, two years, the only social security, which can be queried in the human resources department..

Looking for technical director, first-class architect, performance and senior engineer.

The company assists enterprises in upgrading their qualifications, guides enterprises to do engineering performance data, and helps enterprises do well in professional services such as public relations.

The service effect is practical and effective.

Double Head Lifting Pin Anchor

Tel: 18191992627 Shandong enterprises are looking for intermediate building structure, plumbing, electricity, medium and high-level communication, chemical prevention, protection, special requirements, and sign for one year.

Brilliance Meiyi (Beijing) Human Resources Co., Ltd.: focus on enterprise consulting and upgrading services, qualification guidance, qualification translation and other services.


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