[launch] Shiji architecture retail store? Flash shop? Showroom? no It’s the canteen

  Combining the steps with the dining area, whether it is sitting and drinking afternoon tea, retail flash display, or the reserved white wall projection content as a small press conference or lecture, this seemingly redundant area provides a variety of expansion possibilities for the future space.

The designer takes the function of “white-collar canteen” as the core to create a space for multi period operation of composite business.

The designer hopes to demonstrate it more human beings living from the food stalls.

It carries many people’s memories of collective life.

Erection Anchor One Sided

Locatedinwisdom Valleyof the West Bund section in Xuhui District, the projectisapportingfacility in the Xuhui river front area, aimingtoserve multiple working or living in the surrounding areas.

The gray swing table between the card seats provides retail display space for future canteen by-products.

The concept of “market” comes from the designer’s childhood memories, shuttling and exploring in the bustling crowd, and the aroma from food stalls.

It mainly serves the nearby office and community people and provides supporting points for the riverside area of Xuhui.

The green and orange dining chairs bring freshness and beauty to the space.

Because the project is located in the supporting business of the office building and there are community people around, the designer gives it a composite business format of sharing office meetings, afternoon tea, wine bar, parent-child courses, billiards entertainment, urban farms, retail of agricultural products and so on, so as to activate the space utilization rate and increase the vitality of the place at the same time.

The designer hopes to endow it with more humanity and fireworks.

Designers hope that people who come here can relax themselves and seek a poetic and surprise under urban life..

As a space division, it is also adopted and maintained by office white-collar workers, which enhances people’s emotional connection with the canteen.

The designerplanstocreate a space where multiple modes of business operations in diverse frameworks, with “acanteenfor the white collars” asitscorefunction    A “bazaar” canteen canteen is a place for us to provide meals for groups.

Acanteenisa place providing meals for a group of people, andis reminiscent of collective life that any people have experience in the past.

The wooden and terrazzo tabletops convey the simple and warm texture to users.

The designer has created a “terrace” social area in the form of a “terrace”, and the top luminous film simulates the scene of sky light, Inject a “skylight” experience into the basement space.

The designer draws inspiration from child hood memories of abazaar, where people huttle and explore among the shopping crowds, and there is a room for food after from the food stalls, The four square counters in the center provide intelligent self-service checkout.

The West Bund canteenopens! The West Bank canteen is ready! The project is located in the wisdom Valley on the West Bank of Xuhui.

  Attheendofthelongnarrowcorridorisaclearandopenarea,wheredifferenttypesofboothslineup,andthefoursquarecountersinthecentersupportdigitalself-checkout.Undermetaleavesisthegroup-baseddiningarea,whereorganicvegetableboxesinterspersedtodividespaces,andsomeofthemareadoptedandmaintainedbywhite-collarworkers, The terrace shaped networking area surrounds the core tube area.


The steps area is combined with the dinning area, and this area offers a wide range of amenities for space expansion in the future, where people can have after noontea, doretail popup display, ortakesmallconference or collections by more than served wall for project, The space is not utilized for the rest of the period.

The dining area is spread out under pieces of metal “eaves” in the form of groups, with organic vegetable boxes interspersed in it.


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