Eating seafood hot pot in the garden house of a century old building is the ultimate romance of jiewa on the West Lake

Which season do # you like best on Nanshan Road# Welcome to select 3 from the selected comments in the comment area   Original price 1059 double package   A # Wen Lu · Hong Kong style seafood hot pot # address: 204-1 Nanshan Road (opposite Liu Lang Wen Ying) Tel: 0571-8756558817799838865 business cooperation contact: gc889232 (please note the brand name) photography: a Qiong Meibian: CC (some pictures come from merchants) more wonderful content“.

In the old restaurant, it’s almost a must order for every table, and we should abandon the exaggerated shape.

Wenlu comes to the West Lake in the city center.

Push the cup and change the lamp room.

When it comes to Wenlu, gourmets who know how to eat must not be unfamiliar.

The sculptor, one of the most representative figures in Chinese sculpture, has set the highest auction record of Chinese sculptors in the international market for three times.

Red hairy crab, emerald abalone and Aolong…

In this way, it will not waste the good time of heaven on earth.

The raw materials such as yellow fish glue, Qingyuan chicken, pig bone, ham and other ingredients, nearly 120 Jin of raw materials, were cooked for 8-10 hours, and finally made a pot of about 80 Jin of essence soup.

The taste of elephant clam sashimi is very fresh and sweet, and the taste of rinsing in the pot for a few seconds is a little more tenacious.

  The line-up of matsutake mushroom King platter is also grand enough to integrate treasures.

The 3-storey small building is hidden in a lush forest of branches and leaves, with grey walls and green bricks.

From the busy Nanshan Road, the noise in my ears seemed to retreat like a tide for a moment.

According to records, this is an old villa complex built in 1935.

  Wenlu old ghost beef offal and spicy boiled flower snail are excellent dishes for drinking.

Compared with many roof net red shops, perhaps this is the ultimate romance of jiewa on the West Lake.

I especially like Wen he and Wen Yin boxes near the road.

Elegant, flexible and noble.

Under the light, it is beautiful, quiet, dangerous and charming.

  Under the wonderful pen and flowers of the desserts, the original ordinary Dim Sum Platter was suddenly given a new soul.

It has a strong but not strong milk aroma at the entrance, which is almost melted at the entrance.

  First drink a few bowls of soup and then eat a few pieces of chicken that have been cooked to crisp and rotten, which is absolutely in line with the ultimate belief of nourishing and health preservation in autumn.

WenLu   It’sawonderfull.

It rolls back and forth in the beautiful Soup for a few seconds.

  According to records, Mr.

Like the elegant women of the last century, it shows nobility when raising their hands and feet|   ■ custom copper furnace   This intention also permeates the creation of dishes, which means that in addition to the high-quality seafood ingredients themselves, there is also sufficient artistic creativity on the plate.

The flower glue chicken pot bottom favored by old customers can be said to have made great efforts.

Short Waved Anchor

In a trance, I seemed to feel the poetry and painting of the art masters living here in the last century.

The small courtyard specially built in front of the door, with the conflict between metal feeling and glass curtain wall, is elegant and fashionable.

On this most artistic Nanshan Road, it brings a brand-new upgraded version 2.0.

In the clouds, it was like exquisite works of art.

The more you eat, the more you taste.

  Different people have different opinions on the choice of seafood.

Wenlu · Hong Kong Style Seafood Hotpot in the most romantic October, the air overflows with the fragrance of Osmanthus in the autumn.

■■    Now, his works of art are displayed in this old house with a history of nearly 100 years.

In addition, the other seven boxes are named after “bird”.

The crab leg meat is rinsed in the soup with smart freshness.

Lu Yanfei and his wife sun Shuyuan, a Chinese flower and bird painter who once lived in a chamber on the second floor of the villa, gave the chamber a nickname “Wenying building” at this time, which means pushing the window to see the willow and looking up to see the warbler.

The deep-sea wild yellow croaker glue and shark fin, as strong as an arm, roam in the bottom of the soup, as if they were covered with a dense and smooth coat.

In the spring and Autumn Period on the first floor, I had several old dreams.

People like me who can’t resist seafood suggest that we have a Russian Red hairy crab first.

Matsutake, Cordyceps sinensis flowers and fresh bamboo Sheng are scattered, which are the necessary high-grade ingredients for the banquet.

The red hairy crab in front of us is more exquisite and appropriate.

Looking at the nature of humanistic elegance, here we can have a look at the truth.

It is suggested that on sunny days, first come to the terrace garden on the roof for afternoon tea.

  | ■ in the box on the third floor, there is wenluit’sa carved by Cai Zhisong for the smell stove   Wonder fullife each set of tableware here is highly customized in Italy.

The West Lake is a few steps away from King Qian temple and Liu Lang Wenying.

This is the world’s top wine cup brand known as “Rolls Royce in the wine cup”.

At the beginning of this year, after the first restaurant of Wenlu, which focuses on light and luxurious seafood cuisine, landed in Hangzhou, it attracted great attention in the food circle.

The location is impeccable under the influence of cultural heritage.

Visually, it will become the most fashionable punch in place on Nanshan Road.

It seems that the thick and viscous will be brushed between the lips, leaving only an irresistible sense of colloid and endless aftertaste.

The exquisite environment has also become a must-have restaurant for many diners’ business banquets.

It comes with advanced snowflake texture.

After 86 years, on the premise of retaining the original structure of the building, it has been built into a modern and artistic high-end restaurant, Wen Lu · Hong Kong style seafood hot pot.

Even some were reluctant to destroy this artistic conception.

The matching red wine cup is nearly 2000 + one Riedel red pole Burgundy.

It is clear, moist and glittering.

One of the boxes of Wen Lu is named after “Wen Ying”.

In this long-standing villa, it continues to glow with new life belonging to the old building.

The pot was glittering and did not join any spice soup bottom.

It is somewhat ancient and mysterious.

In the circulation of the four seasons, there are willow shoots in spring, lotus ponds in summer, Ginkgo biloba in autumn and fine snow in winter.

It is not an art exhibition, not a museum, but a seafood hot pot restaurant that will open soon at a cost of tens of millions.

 ///// If there are many people, it is strongly recommended to order the beef demon king platter, and enjoy five kinds of high-grade meat at one time: snow beef, Jishang heniu, niuhuangpu, Jishang heniu and snow beef.

At Christie’s auction house, this sculpture was finally sold at a 7-digit price| ■ one of teacher Cai Zhisong’s Rose series ■|   Teacher Cai Zhisong’s peacock sculpture is accompanied by the classic works of teacher Cai’s Rose series and a Colorful Peacock sculpture.

Looking from the window, you can smell the fragrant osmanthus flowers and see the whole west lake.

The poetic gentleness of the south of the Yangtze River and the grandeur of the literati blend wonderfully here, with awe of art flowing in every flower, grass and tree.

In Wenlu restaurant, in addition to the three works of CAI Zhisong mentioned above, there are also the works of many well-known artists.

Wenluit’s wonderful life.

The choice is rich, and the cost performance is also very high.

Seafood from all over the world are all expensive goods on the table.

The rare beef emperor almost has the taste and quality superior to M12.

In front of us, this pure copper deer sculpture is one of the works of art in the home series by Cai Zhisong, an internationally famous sculptor.


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