Chuzhou east of the hospital project planning (construction) plan adjustment before the approval of the public!

Source: Chuzhou Bureau of natural resources and planning, Chuzhou these hot dishes are worth your consideration: Jinpeng Langya Jiujiu square, Wanxing, huabanli, Wanxing Aoyuan, jianghaiting, chuanrongshenghua mansion, Beijing Chengfang, Shidai manor, Suning Yuecheng, heshunguoyue mansion, Chuzhou purchase tools, Chuzhou star Fang, doctor, housing loan calculator, Chuzhou purchase and sale tools professional edition plus Mini editor Letter, real estate consultation! Can also pull you into Chuzhou exchange group to buy a house! The boss said that your salary will be increased by 50% if you order a small number of employees ▶ Everyone is looking at the pre-sale! Announce the record price! A large number of real estate in Chuzhou will enter the market; the GDP growth rate is the first in the province, the total amount is the third in the province, and the GDP data of Chuzhou in 2020 will be released In January, a total of 538 units were sold in the urban area


In 2021, Chuzhou’s second-hand houses were cold at the beginning of the year? Chuzhou 212 residential new listing price! How to buy a house in Chuzhou in 2021? Just need to improve, take a look! House price exceeds ten thousand yuan! Chuzhou small partners do not panic, about 100 square meters, low price, less down payment, full-featured three room waiting for you to see! New deal of property market! French auction house included in the purchase restriction! Another way to buy a house blocked? Chuzhou these housing you will come to “pick up leakage”? Cost effective market to kill back to the market! Chengdong plate continues to benefit, just need to start a real estate boom again! Real exploration! Chuzhou several well-known “uncompleted” building status? Just need the gospel! In Chuzhou, the down payment of 150000 yuan can also buy these high cost-effective real estate! 365 taofang service product stamp corresponding icon query to.



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