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However, they found some signals with similar properties and different frequencies to BLC1 in the original data, which were previously excluded as interference.

The announcement points out that in 2020, the concentration of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere will reach a new high.

Scientists at Washington University in St.

On October 25, two papers published in nature astronomy reported that BLC1 may be the radio wave interference of human activities.

After four and a half years, scientists found that the cognitive ability of people who slept less than 4.5 hours or more than 6.5 hours decreased, while the cognitive level of people who slept 4.5-6.5 hours was basically stable.

The report is the first regional climate report of WMO Regional Association (Asia).

It is estimated that its body length is about 10 meters, of which some cervical vertebrae, caudal vertebrae and hindlimb bones have been taken out with the stone.

The report summarizes the main change trends of temperature, precipitation, sea level and cryosphere in Asia, and lists the extreme weather events experienced by Asia in 2020, such as high temperature, heat wave, flood and storm.

Relevant experts said that if the greenhouse gas concentration maintains the current trend of growth, the world will not be able to achieve the goal of the Paris Agreement, that is, to control the global temperature within the range of 1.5 ~ 2 ℃ higher than that before industrialization by the end of this century, and the temperature will be much higher than this goal at that time; There is an urgent need for countries to translate commitments into action and make changes in all aspects of industrial production, energy, transportation systems and life·   Chemistry  · Since the industrialization of synthetic ammonia in the early 20th century, scientists have directly converted nitrogen into ammonia and artificial fertilizer, significantly increasing grain output.

Recently, in a study published in German applied chemistry, scientists successfully obtained high yield ammonia at room temperature through a new reaction method.

It may be a newly discovered genus and species.

It is a part of the extraterrestrial civilization search (SETI) project.

The mixed oxides of iron and alkali cesium were prepared by grinding..

Carbon dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas.

Scientists believe that this result shows that cognitive ability may be related to sleep quality, not just the length of sleep·   climate  · The first Asia regional climate report was released.

Corn Magnetic Box

Subsequently, the relevant units organized an evaluation expert group to the site for investigation and evaluation.

According to the assessment team, the dinosaur is small in size, and its morphological structure is quite different from the mamenxi dinosaurs common in the late Jurassic in Sichuan Basin.

It is generally believed that lack of sleep will accelerate the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

The report was released before the United Nations Climate Change Conference (cop26) and provided information support for regional and national decision-making and investment.

A recent study published in the journal Brain shows that not only lack of sleep, but also too long sleep time is also related to the decline of cognitive ability.

Recently, the United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO) issued the latest greenhouse gas announcement.

After further analysis, the researchers believe that BLC1 and these signals belong to interference, and their mutual interference leads to signal frequency drift, so that BLC1 is not excluded in the preliminary screening.

  Today, about half of the carbon dioxide emitted by human activities will remain in the atmosphere, while the other half will be absorbed by marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

climate warming effect) caused by long-lived greenhouse gases increased by 47%.

The signal lasted about 5 hours and passed the preliminary screening of interference sources for the first time, attracting the attention of astronomers.

Since 2016, extraterrestrial civilization information has been detected through telescopes around the world.

The report also provides suggestions on promoting sustainable development from the perspective of strengthening monitoring and investment, aiming at mitigating and adapting to climate change and improving climate resilience.

  Sauropod dinosaurs are a kind of dinosaurs with strong limbs, huge body and elongated neck.

At present, researchers are developing machine learning algorithms to optimize the effectiveness of interference source screening·   climate  · The latest announcement of the United Nations: the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has reached a new high.

The current monitoring station data also show that the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration is still rising in 2021.

Nitrogen and hydrogen can be converted into ammonia only under high temperature and high pressure.

The announcement also pointed out that from 1990 to 2020, the radiation forcing (i.e.


The project has collected millions of radio signals, but almost all of them come from earth wave interference, such as radar and signal tower.

However, due to the impact of frequent droughts, forest wildfires, etc., the carbon storage capacity of these ecosystems may decline, weakening their buffer effect on global warming.

On October 26, the 2020 Asia climate report prepared by United Nations agencies such as the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNEP) was released online.

It was confirmed that this is a relatively intact sauropod dinosaur and a complete dinosaur fossil found for the first time in Longchang city.

In November 2020, January 2021 and April 2021, the researchers used the parks telescope to detect in the direction of the nearest neighbor star, and failed to receive similar signals again.

(China Meteorological Administration)·   astronomy  · The “alien signal” of the parks Observatory interferes with the “breakthroughlisten” of the parks Observatory (image source: CSIRO / A.

Alzheimer’s disease is an important cause of cognitive impairment in the elderly.

But until now, the traditional Haber Bosch method is still used in industry.

Set global science as the star standard and master the latest global scientific and technological information for the first time from Monday to Friday·   Paleontology  · Photo source: Science and Technology Daily recently, a worker at the construction site of a road project in Longchang City, Sichuan Province found that the stone floor suspected to contain fossils when cutting stonework.

(Science and technology daily)·   Medical Science  · Too much or too little sleep may affect cognitive ability.

In 2020, the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration reached 413.2ppm (1ppm, i.e.

The fossils found this time are preserved in the early stratum of late Jurassic about 160 million years ago.

one millionth), 49% higher than that in 1750 before industrialization.

Louis tracked the sleep status and Alzheimer’s disease of 100 elderly people for 4.5 years.

The famous Lianglong and mamenxi dragon belong to sauropod dinosaurs.

At present, the relevant departments of Longchang city have centrally stored and protected the excavated fossils, and will be on duty 24 hours at the fossil discovery sites, and then carry out fossil excavation and other work in accordance with relevant regulations.

The report shows that climate change and extreme weather have a serious impact and risk on the sustainable development of Asia.

Among them, the contribution rate of carbon dioxide to this effect is as high as 66%, and the contribution rate to the growth of this effect is as high as 80%.

In 2019, the parks Observatory in Australia detected a signal BLC1 near 982 MHz in the direction of the nearest neighbor star.

At the beginning of the study, the average age of these subjects was over 75 years old, of which 88 had no cognitive impairment, 11 had very slight impairment and 1 had mild impairment.

In 2020, thousands of lives have been lost, millions of people have been displaced and hundreds of billions of dollars of economic losses have been caused, threatening agriculture and food, human health, the environment and the security of natural ecosystems.

The sleep time estimated by EEG is about one hour less than that reported by people themselves, that is to say, the subjects with self-reported sleep time of 5.5-7.5 hours maintain better cognitive ability.

Since BLC1 does not reappear, it may come from closed or repaired electronic equipment, and the detection of BLC1 in the direction of adjacent star may be just a coincidence.


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