Notice on Prohibition of Random Dumping of Construction Waste

We hope that the residents and construction units will consciously abide by relevant laws and regulations, start from their own, improve their civilized quality, and work together to build the “most beautiful East Soviet Union”! It is hereby notified.

Sunit Left Banner Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau September 1, 2022..

Everyone participates in urban management, and everyone benefits from a better environment.

5、 Violation of this circular will be punished according to relevant regulations.

The construction waste referred to in this notice refers to the waste soil and materials generated during the construction, reconstruction, expansion and demolition of various buildings, structures, pipe networks, etc.

The construction waste generated from the decoration of residents and individual businesses must be cleared on a daily basis, and shall not be stacked on the roads.

Construction units and residents of the whole flag: in order to further strengthen the management of urban construction waste, prevent urban construction waste from being piled up and dumped randomly, and construction waste transport vehicles from missing and scattering along the street, and ensure the urban appearance and environmental health, in accordance with the Law on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste, the Regulations on the Administration of Urban Appearance and Environmental Hygiene, the Regulations on the Administration of Urban Construction Waste and other laws, regulations and rules, In combination with the actual situation of our banner, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: 1.

The units and individuals that organize the clearing and transportation of construction waste shall be sealed for transportation, and it is strictly prohibited to pollute the streets with spillage and leakage along the way.

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3、 No unit or individual may dump, scatter or pile up construction waste at will, dispose of construction waste without authorization, dump construction waste around cities and towns at will, or mix construction waste with household waste for disposal.

The construction units and residents of the banner are requested to consciously dump the construction waste to the specified dumping site.

4、 The units and individuals that produce, dispose and transport construction waste shall carefully do a good job of environmental sanitation around the construction site.

2、 The specific location of the construction waste dumping site in our banner is 1.5km southeast of Mandulatu Town, Sunite Left Banner (the pit of the South Brick Factory).

by the construction and construction units, as well as the decoration and decoration of houses by residents.


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