[jianjiantong] if you do four things well, life will go more and more smoothly


Therefore, they always can’t make true friends, let alone get the promotion and help of noble people.

They often have only one goal to get along with others: to get value from each other.

In this life, there will always be difficulties.

As long as your mentality is right, everything will go well and people will not be so tired.

It is said that it is easy to add flowers to the icing on the cake, but it is impossible to provide charcoal in the snow.

Think about it, it is.


There are two horses pulling a truck to deliver goods to the owner.

The more generous a person is, as the saying goes, “being smart is not as good as being kind, being frank is not as good as being considerate, and being strong is not as good as being kind.” Unkind people are difficult to think from the perspective of others.

Kindness can carry things, and honesty can be trusted.


Kind people are not good people without a bottom line.

They are self righteous and opportunistic.

There are always some bad emotions that you can’t avoid and must feel and experience.

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There are always some setbacks that you can’t avoid.

In life, you should always be grateful, receive favors, and deserve to return them.

They know what can be tolerated and what cannot be forgiven.

Since there is nowhere to escape, it is better to be happy; Since there is no pure land, it is better to be pure; Since you didn’t achieve your wish, you might as well be relieved.

Being more grateful in the world is a way of life, an attitude towards life, and a great wisdom in life.

When friends are in trouble, they stand up; When friends are frustrated, they are accompanied by warm words.

Do four things well, life goes more and more smoothly, and life goes wider and wider.

After all, no one owes in this world Who? What.

Sometimes, we persevere in striving for it, but it often backfires and is difficult to achieve perfection.

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He didn’t even understand the most basic truth of “the harder you work, the more you suffer”.

In case of trouble, they will make choices according to their bottom line and heart.

When people are proud, everyone around them calls you brothers.

When a person often uses a clear and clear heart to be grateful for the people and things he meets, for the warmth and kindness given by others, and for the difficulties of “not killing you but making you stronger”, he will have a healthier soul and his life will be more warm.

Those who are willing to reach out to help you when you are frustrated must be remembered.

He thought to himself that the horse in front was really stupid.

Sometimes, we try our best, but we still can’t get good results and returns.

The more calm your mind is, probably everyone has had such an experience: the people you like, the things you want to do, and the vision you have in your heart have been pursued recklessly.

One person is kind and the family is blessed, The so-called “family style” “, it is hidden in this kindness.

The long road of life, only their own efforts, step by step, can we walk out of a Yangguan Avenue.

Being a kind person, the good fortune of life will come to you.

But life is not perfect.

I thought I made a bargain.

There are many such people in life.

In order to hurry, the owner had to move all the goods in the back to the front.

After arriving at the destination, the owner thought, since one horse can pull a car, why keep two? Finally, the lazy horse was slaughtered and eaten.

There is no sweet talk, there is a sincere heart to treat people gently.

The horse behind smiled happily.

Probably in everyone’s life, there are always some detours that you can’t get around.

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However, when you encounter difficulties, most people choose to turn a blind eye.

The harder you work, there is a “lazy horse effect” in economics.

Sometimes, we pay sincerely, but we can’t get each other’s treasure and care.

One horse walks fast and the other horse walks slowly.

No matter what you face, diligence and effort will be your eternal backer.

Unexpectedly, every lazy person I steal now is a pit for the future.


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