Where will construction enterprises go under the severe situation?

Change is the law of all things.

In this new era and new period, we need to use new development concepts, carefully build a new pattern and new strategy, and make good use of the “14th five year plan” to make a good start.

In the past, most construction enterprises only focused on making use of the “affiliated” mode to become large enterprises, only focused on scale expansion, weak awareness of resource management, and enterprises had little accumulation, especially human resources and technical resources.

However, some enterprises have inaccurate accounting information, weak cost management ability, limited financing means and channels, weak awareness of risk management, and it is difficult for financial management to fully support enterprise development.

New ideas will lead the future, sharp and predictable enterprises will be able to achieve more growth, and new development concepts and technologies will lead the future.

When the current situation is determined, sometimes the opportunity is determined.


Over the past 40 years, some enterprises have only paid attention to rapid expansion and profit acquisition, while ignoring the simultaneous attention and construction of scale expansion, organizational health, profit-making mode, technical support and financial status, resulting in problems such as weak competitiveness, insufficient vitality, low efficiency, inactive mechanism and incomplete system, It has brought great challenges to enterprises in the new development stage.

The prophet wins first.

Only by correctly understanding and understanding the “great changes that have not been seen in a century”, conforming to the historical trend, accurately grasping the laws of “change” and “invariance”, seizing the historical development opportunities, taking precautions, thinking is prepared, following the trend, cultivating opportunities in the crisis, actively responding and actively seeking change, can we have a higher new position, open a new situation in the great changes and take advantage of the trend, In order to walk with the times and make greater new achievements.

Most enterprises still stay at the “informatization” level and are still thinking about or implementing enterprise digitization with informatization thinking.


When the current situation is uncertain, sometimes the opportunity is uncertain.

Entering the 21st century, mankind has entered a new era, and China has entered a new stage of development and a period of high-quality development.

In the tide of global innovation and development, some enterprises have insufficient understanding of the new development era, new development stage, digital economy, economic globalization and optimizing economic structure and industrial structure (which may be the biggest bottleneck affecting the progress and growth of enterprises), lack of new power, and lack of new ideas matching the times and enterprise development The profitability and development potential of new strategies, new goals, new paths and new means are obviously limited, their influence and competitiveness in the market are obviously not high, and they do not have the ability to go global and expand overseas business.

Marketing is the main way for enterprises to obtain the market, and its importance to enterprises is beyond doubt..

Construction enterprises attach great importance to internal control and make progress in engineering project management, leadership, management mode and incentive mechanism, but have little improvement in organization construction (always maintain a dynamic organization and healthy organization), profitability (business model), collaborative work, innovation and learning ability.

One of the most important is to have a very excellent financial management team.

Good enterprises have accumulated rich resources (market resources, strategic resources, enterprise resources and procurement resources), with high value creation ability and relatively stable.

Especially in the financial environment of “deleveraging” and debt risk control, it is more and more difficult for enterprises to raise funds, increase the pressure of repayment, and have poorer ability to resist risks, These are probably the biggest hidden dangers affecting the sustainable development of enterprises in the new development stage and the change of economic structure.

Even some enterprises do not do well in the basic work of informatization.

1) Recognize the market and lead customers.

At present, the polarization of construction enterprises is serious.

Without paying attention to learning, the vitality of organizational system is not enough.

However, for those enterprises with a shortage of management and technical talents, their ability to create value (create profits) is generally not high, and their products can only linger at the middle and low ends, and some even have great difficulties in undertaking engineering projects.

To survive and develop, enterprises must have customers and markets.

At present or in the future, the economic situation is still complex and severe, with great instability and uncertainty.


Financial management should not only provide enterprises with reasonable cash flow and major decision-making information, but also create value for enterprises, such as capital operation, tax planning, cost management, risk control, etc.


In the process of development, some enterprises lack the ability to keep pace with the times, often ignore (or do not do enough) learning and updating ideas, and maintain their “standing” height; Ignoring the continuous optimization mechanism (innovation, transformation and upgrading) and improving the agility of the organization; Ignoring the improvement of the system collaboration environment (collaboration can give full play to the enthusiasm of all aspects better than management and control), and promoting the overall strengthening, overall benefit and common development of the organization; Ignoring the innovation and optimization of business model, stimulating the vitality and passion of all employees, and mobilizing the enthusiasm of all aspects inside and outside the enterprise.

Swift Lift Anchors

In fact, for enterprises, no matter what time, no matter what situation, there are opportunities to make profits.

Hu Xueyan, the richest man in the late Qing Dynasty, once said: to do business and grasp the current situation is a top priority.

The key lies in whether the leaders and enterprises will grasp the current situation, find, seize and make use of the opportunity.

When the current situation changes, the profit-making mode of enterprises will change.


The market is affected by the current situation.

Everything is changing, only change remains the same.

If an enterprise wants to be stronger, bigger and longer, it must first have a clear strategy, a complete and standardized management system and an effective organization (after the strategy is determined, it is the organization and team).

Some enterprises have insufficient awareness of the importance of modern technology and poor agility, especially for digitization.


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