It’s settled! Official notice: congratulations from the builder!

As one of the national vocational qualification certificates, Zhu an’s “life” can be summarized as: it may have been chaotic, but it must be expected in the future.

Certified Safety Engineer (CSE) has a long history since the first examination in 2004 (the examination was suspended in 2016).

It is a supplementary examination.

Formwork Clamp

What are the advantages of Certified Safety Engineer in the future examination of Certified Safety Engineer? What industries need registered safety engineers? How big is the market gap of certified safety engineers now? ●     This registration is not limited to the household registration.

    ● sprint before the exam, and the special simulation exercise question bank has greatly improved the passing rate, about 86% ●     ● high gold content, deputy senior title, high salary and considerable part-time income ●     After passing the examination and obtaining evidence, directly receive the existing special quota of 5000 yuan state subsidy locally! Please as soon as possible.

It is not limited to academic qualifications.


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