Construction workers were seven steel bars through the chest and abdomen, and the operation took 7 hours to get back their lives! Thanks to

The CT examination results showed that seven steel bars were close to the left sternum and entered Li Yang’s chest, which had broken through the diaphragm to the abdominal cavity, liver Kwai Tong and other serious multiple injuries must be operated as soon as possible.

At the time of the incident, worker Li Yang was preparing to bend down to pick up tools.

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The doctor reminded that safety protection must be done in dangerous construction sites such as the construction site.

Then, He was sent to the nearest Nanjing Jiangning hospital by 120.

At present, Li Yang has passed the infection and will be discharged home soon   The doctor said that the workmen’s treatment at that time was very correct.

In case of similar accidents, press and hold the bleeding part while dialing 120 as soon as possible.

The workmen cut the steel bar at the first time, but there were still more than ten centimeters of steel bar exposed outside the body.

In a noisy environment, people come and go.

Do not pull out the foreign body without permission.

Doctors found that one of the bars was pierced through Li Yang’s right ventricle, which had been stabbed to the right ventricular myocardium for a little more.

While he got up, a bundle of steel bars poked him from the oblique side, Master Li Yang suddenly felt that he might “not be able” after each one was pierced by the steel bar for more than one meter.

The construction site is dusty and stacked with all kinds of building materials.

The sudden accident frightened the surrounding workers.

The whole ventricle would burst and people might die on the spot.

  After seven hours, the operation was successfully completed.

Recently, a worker on a construction site in Nanjing was pierced into his chest and abdomen by seven steel bars.

No reinforcement was pulled out at the scene, which won an opportunity for later rescue.

Yang Min, director of the medical department of Jiangning hospital, said that when the patient was on the ambulance, he received the instruction from the emergency center, and the emergency room also made relevant preparations in advance.

Once relaxed, it is easy to cause safety accidents.

All the steel bars were safely removed and the damaged parts in the body were repaired one by one.


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