Interpretation of the “Three Products” Implementation Plan for Raw Material Industry by China Building Materials Federation

China’s building materials industry has made a lot of progress in product system, standard system, technical system, competition system, production and marketing mode, but the quality brand is not commensurate with the size.

Entering the “Fourteenth Five Year Plan”, the high-quality development of the building materials industry has entered a new stage, facing new development situations and requirements.

The building materials industry must establish new development goals and concepts, abandon the extensive development model of pursuing scale expansion and following, accelerate the transition to an intensive development model of pursuing quality benefits and leading, and practice the industry development goal of “being suitable for the industry and good for the people”, so as to adapt to the requirements of the times and progress, benefit mankind and contribute to social progress.

China’s building materials enterprises have independently researched and developed the world’s thinnest 0.12mm wide ultra-thin touch glass, 8.5 generation LCD glass substrate, high-performance carbon fiber products, etc., further enhancing the safety of China’s industrial chain.

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It means that the building materials industry should become an environment-friendly, employee satisfied, socially trusted, national needed and advancing industry.

In order to promote the building materials industry to be more diversified, more stable in quality and more influential in brand, the China Building Materials Federation interpreted the “Implementation Plan” from the perspective of building materials.

Shangpin means that the building material products should be synchronized with the technology iteration, consistent with the standard improvement, compatible with the ecological environment, matched with the market demand, and accompanied with the development of civilization.

The “Fourteenth Five Year Plan” is an important period for China to achieve the first centenary goal.

In the “2021 Ranking List of Comprehensive Strength of Global Listed Building Materials Companies” released by China Building Materials Federation, there are 3 Chinese enterprises in the top 10.

2、 The Implementation Plan provides guidance for the development of “three products” in the industry.

Second, it will help guide the industry to scientifically use new technologies to enable industrial innovation and development, build a building materials product system that can continuously improve product consumption quality, perceptual quality, functional effects, health and safety, service connotation and other material and cultural characteristics, and meet the needs of diversified applications and people’s consumption upgrading needs.

The Implementation Plan proposes 9 tasks and 3 projects to promote the increase of varieties, quality and brand creation of the raw material industry.

First, it will help to further promote the structural adjustment of the building materials industry, establish a development model to occupy the high-end of the value chain by improving product connotation, relying on technological progress and optimizing performance, continuously improve the core competitiveness of the industry and enterprises, and promote the whole industry to unswervingly follow the development path of winning by quality.

Third, it will help guide enterprises to increase investment in innovation, aim at the international advanced level, increase research and development of key, breakthrough and disruptive technologies and products, promote China’s building materials industry from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, from quantitative development to quality development, and constantly improve the overall image of “Made in China”.

1、 The development status of “three products” in this industry Building materials industry is an important part of China’s industrial economy, an important basic raw material industry of the national economy, an indispensable basic products and consumer goods industry to improve people’s livelihood and meet the growing needs of the people for a better life, and an important industry to support the development of strategic emerging industries such as national defense, military industry, aerospace, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, new materials, and information industry, Always shoulder the important responsibility of “the cornerstone of a great country”.

After the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, we will move towards the second centenary goal and start a new journey of building a socialist modern country in all respects.

Furthermore, Shangpin means that building material products should be advanced in technology and excellent in performance, high in quality, safe and reliable, energy-saving, environment-friendly, green and low-carbon, economically reasonable and recognized by the market, and constantly meet people’s quality needs for comfort, beauty, fashion and reliability in the process of civilized development, as well as people’s yearning and pursuit for a better life.

The building materials industry is an important basic raw material industry of the national economy.

In 2021, there will be only two Chinese building materials enterprises among the world’s top 500; 399 Chinese enterprises in Forbes 2022 Global 2000 were listed, and only 4 were building materials enterprises; In the list of World Top 500 Brands in 2022, only two building materials enterprises, namely China Building Materials and Conch Cement, were listed.

Fourth, it will help enhance the brand awareness of enterprises, promote enterprises to establish a global industrial chain system, improve their international operation ability and service level, improve their core competitiveness and brand building ability, and promote the transformation of Chinese products to Chinese brands..

Since the “13th Five Year Plan”, the building materials industry has accelerated the supply side structural reform and achieved remarkable results in transformation and upgrading.

In October 2020, the Building Materials Federation proposed to the whole industry the development goal of building materials industry, which is “suitable for business and good for people”.

The output of cement, flat glass, glass fiber yarn and other products continues to maintain the first place in the world.

It is an important document to guide and promote the supply side structural reform of the building materials industry under the new situation, points out the direction for the building materials industry to further implement the “three products” strategy in the next four years, and promotes the building materials industry to continuously improve the development quality, It is of great significance to improve the overall competitiveness of the industry and move towards high-end development.

China’s building materials industry has developed into a complete industrial system with relatively complete categories, basically supporting products and facing both domestic and international markets, including 30 industry sub categories, 298 categories and 1013 products in the National Economic Industry Classification.

Recently, the four departments jointly issued the “Three Products” Implementation Plan for Raw Material Industry (hereinafter referred to as the “Implementation Plan”).

A number of building materials with high scientific and technological content and superior performance, such as lithium battery separator, special ceramics, high-end quartz glass, optical crystals, high-performance composite materials, have achieved fruitful results in scientific and technological research and development, and are widely used in national defense, aerospace, space exploration, new energy and other fields.

The product categories are more abundant and the service fields are broader, basically meeting the needs of national economic development.


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