National Day | Chinese Red in Architecture


The internal space path continues to extend like a ribbon, winding paths lead to secluded places, changing scenes, and the vertical connection is more free and smooth, so that the participants’ “mountain tour” experience can continue without interruption.

The two-story commercial shops are connected by several bridges and roads, and are surrounded by two specially made flower walls.

Let’s take today’s perspective on the majesty of China, Appreciate the Chinese red in architecture, construct harmonious architecture and nature, explore the possibility of a “transparent experience”, which makes the building and site – to grow naturally in a symbiotic manner and jointly compose the red symphony between valleys 01 It’s not too late.

Create a unique artistic atmosphere in a pure and vibrant place to inspire children’s innate creativity and imaginative imagination, so that art can soar freely around Xinglong Lake Fun Xinglong Lake Children’s Art Center is a round and square children’s world, which chooses the basic elements of supremacy.

Tear the canopy in the square and circle, and imagine yourself flying freely in the boundless universe.

02 Shanghai Hengji Xuhui Tiandi Architects hope to create a unique and unpredictable walking experience.

In order for visitors and villagers to live, read, study, rest, paint, farm, cook, immerse in the local life.

To commemorate the early agricultural civilization, from wishing to ceremony, heaven and earth express gratitude to heaven and earth, and complete a spiritual place about time.

Children’s world is not a dull gray white, but a colorful, rich and warm interesting space.

” In the design, the order relationship of the place is used to place the entrance in the forest at the foot of the mountain.

At the same time, the streamline structure has created an atmospheric public space – undulating roof trails, inviting people to explore it and becoming the area for their daily walking or jogging activities, making the “Ring of Wisdom” a highly accessible and approachable landmark rather than a symbol that can only be viewed from afar.

China Red The Chinese red in the most amazing background building of Chinese culture bears the weight and precipitates the brilliance The enthusiasm to carve civilization, culture and spirit into it and keep it alive has a long history-.

Qian Zhongshu, a home stay in Suyunjian, once said that “color seems to have temperature, sound seems to have image, cold and warm seems to have weight, smell seems to have edge,” red apricot “loves” noisy “, “Yanyu” is like “scissors”, and “Yingge” is like a circle.

While the building is perfectly embedded in local urban texture, the beige facade defines the two entrances of Madang Road and Danshui Road.

The path sequence is unfolded in the narrative.

Located between Madang Road and Danshui Road, the narrow streets and residential landscape environment of typical Chinese parasol trees in the local area are followed and echoed to evoke the memories of the old city of Shanghai.

05 The red brick natural auditorium in Lizigou Village takes the local early folk house – earth kiln, and the red brick folk house in the late period with the arch structure as the unit as inspiration, extends this architectural language with local emotional memory to the contemporary space form and function, and explores new expressions.

The flower wall is a red pot with different plants, creating a colorful environment.

The overall effect is simple and abstract, releasing children’s infinite imagination.

Sincere, warm, and inspiring NationalDay Chinese red is the color of life like flowing blood, a symbol of pulse beating like burning flame, a passion to melt all things like rising sun, rising in the east of the world and turning into an indelible glory.

The participants seem to have experienced some baptism ceremony, released from a single perception, enriched the experience latitude, listened to the low voice of the red house, and pacified the dusty mood from the world.

Square, meeting the imagination of children; The circle is the rotation of the square, representing movement, which coincides with children’s active and exploratory nature.

Today is the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, a great country.

Therefore, red, as the color of the interior, is warm, lively and imaginative; Blue covers the roof as a fantasy of flying in the sky; The large area of white is a simple and pure protection of childlike innocence.

In addition to the ceremonial hall, the natural auditorium also has supporting buildings.

The organic streamline form echoes the extremely high architectural quality and cutting-edge design and construction technology of Mobius Ring in the mountains surrounding the Chengdu Plain, implying the originality of human wisdom and the high-tech design 03 The “Ring of Wisdom” and “Ring of Wisdom” in Chengdu Tianfu are located on the main road of the new district of Chengdu, with two functional divisions: the science and technology exhibition hall and the reception center, The obvious aesthetic attraction and cultural functions make it a landmark building.

Citizens can take this opportunity to see the unique light and color inside, as well as the dense and lush vegetation.



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