Huangpu District Housing Authority held special training on the protection of historical buildings

Fu Yong introduced the development process and related concepts of architectural heritage protection theory, and expounded the application and reflection of classical theory in contemporary practice in combination with the repair project at No.

Lifting Anchor

The training was organized by the “ingenuity studio” of urban renewal and historical building repair in Huangpu District, and attended by generalist cadres of District Housing Administration Bureau, sub district offices, public housing management units and other relevant practitioners.

Fu Yong, design director and senior engineer of Huajian group historical building protection design institute, to give a special lecture on the theme of “from classical theory to contemporary reflection – basic concepts, principles and cases of historical building protection”.

With his solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience in historical building protection, Mr.

Huangpu District is one of the areas with the most abundant historical features and excellent historical building resources in the city.

The sharing theme of this issue is from classical theory to contemporary reflection – special training on the protection of historical buildings.

In order to help young cadres continuously improve the knowledge system necessary for performing their duties and learn new knowledge and skills related to their work, Huangpu District Housing Administration Bureau has specially set up a training plan for young cadres to guide young cadres to learn and enhance their skills through regular business lectures, Make up the short board and press the growth “acceleration key”.

After the lecture, the young cadres exchanged with Mr.

Through the combination of theory and practice, this training is of practical significance for guiding young cadres to deeply study the relevant business knowledge of experience protection work.

Fu Yong on issues related to the protection, inheritance, renewal and utilization of historical buildings in Huangpu District.

  Next, the District Housing Authority will continue to strengthen the training of young cadres, regularly organize and carry out a series of “generalist lectures” in various fields, cultivate the overall awareness, responsibility awareness and duty performance ability of young cadres, help young cadres make up for their professional shortcomings, temper their excellent skills, and better practice the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly…

85, Kangding East Road, Zhang Ailing’s birthplace, Zhejiang celadon town, Yantai Chaoyang Street and other specific practical projects.

On the afternoon of September 18, 2021, the District Housing Authority invited Mr.


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