Construction cost quick class

The most noteworthy thing is that this course has a special Q & a link, which solves many problems encountered in the learning process.

The fee for this tutorial is 30 yuan..

Halfen Frimeda

This information is not free.

Construction cost quick class         Today’s course is a live broadcast course, which explains the construction cost in detail.

If you buy it directly, add Xiaobian’s personal wechat: huise518777.

The duration of each section of this course is relatively long and the content is relatively complete! Next let’s look at the course catalogue! Baidu cloud online watch to get links to get instructions, see the end of the text scan add small WeChat curriculum directory part of the civil engineering part of the compulsory part of the first phase of compulsory course second phase, supplement the summary of community drawings acquisition mode, pay attention to WeChat official account “building materials king”, then cut the map of your required information, too much information, otherwise the little editor does not know what you need.


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