[Guangdong recruitment] recruitment brochure of Guangdong Academy of Building Sciences Group Co., Ltd

As a national high-tech enterprise, “science and technology reform demonstration enterprise”, “national civilized unit” and “National May Day Labor Award”, Guangdong Academy of construction sciences is the most qualified, most parameter, widest range, strongest, most advanced equipment and most authoritative research institution in the field of Construction Engineering in China.

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Job title: functional post, technical post, scientific research post educational requirements: Bachelor degree or above professional requirements: Civil Engineering, mechanics, machinery, materials, electrical, surveying and mapping, water conservancy, environmental science and engineering, architecture, transportation, computer, electronic information Resume delivery channel of management, engineering and other related majors: PC side: https://xiaoyuan.zhaopin.com/company/CC000927566 Address: No.

Founded in 1958, Guangdong Academy of construction sciences is mainly engaged in scientific and technological research in the field of construction engineering and provides relevant technical services.

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Facing the new era and new opportunities, Guangdong Academy of construction sciences is committed to becoming a leader in construction technology, a pioneer in intelligent operation, a guardian of urban safety and a leader in green intelligent manufacturing, and a first-class construction technology developer in China, based on the vigorous development of scientific and technological innovation and the mission of bravely assuming social responsibility.

The business scope covers science and technology public trust, testing and appraisal, consulting services, energy conservation and environmental protection, safety technology, strategic emerging, investment and financing, and comprehensively constructs a complete industrial chain across the fields of housing, municipal administration, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection and safety to provide full life-cycle services for project quality and safety, It is the main technical support and support unit of the government in the field of engineering construction and urban operation.

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