Proposed 32 buildings! Effect drawing of resettlement house in Beishan area of Nan’an released

The reporter learned that the transfer mode of construction engineering design scheme has been widely recognized by the masses, which has greatly improved the efficiency of land acquisition and relocation.

“The transfer mode with architectural engineering design scheme is to move the work of project design forward.” According to the staff of Nan’an Natural Resources Bureau, before the land acquisition and relocation, how to plan and support the community, and the house type and size of the community need to be released in advance, so that the people who have been requisitioned and relocated can really see the data and graphics, so as to have a bottom in their hearts.

“Because the land is transferred with the plan, the transferee can basically realize ‘start work when taking the land’ after obtaining the land.” The director of Nan’an land reserve center told reporters that the construction cycle of the resettlement house is expected to take 21 months.

won the bid at the reserve price of 276 million yuan.

It is reported that the Beishan area around the project will plan to add two kindergartens (9 classes and 12 classes respectively), retain Ximei central kindergarten, relocate Ximei Central Primary School and expand Liucheng middle school.

After the signing of the land acquisition and relocation agreement in November 2020, the signing rate reached 99.85% in only half a month.

Pengmei sanluo Huanxi South Road perspective day view Peng mei’an Chang Xinhua South Road perspective day view Humei Xiafang Xinhua South Road and Huancheng West Road perspective day view along the street it is reported that these three plots still use the transfer mode with architectural engineering design scheme, which is the second resettlement community in Nan’an to use this mode.

Yesterday morning, pengmei sanluo plot, pengmei Anchang plot in Beishan district with starting prices of 84 million yuan, 86 million yuan and 106 million yuan respectively were auctioned Humei Xiafang plot (hereinafter referred to as “Beishan resettlement house”) )Land auction.

According to the person in charge of the urban planning and management section of Nan’an Natural Resources Bureau, the planning and design scheme fully takes into account the actual situation and local customs of the three plots.

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It is understood that according to the plan, the project plans to build a total of 32 buildings, all of which are class I high-rise demolition and resettlement buildings with 17-26 floors, and it is planned to build 2557 resettlement houses.

With the decision of the auctioneer, Xiamen Yuanchang Group Co., Ltd.

60 ㎡ house type diagram 90 ㎡ end house type diagram 90 ㎡ intermediate house type diagram 110 ㎡ house type diagram 130 ㎡ house type diagram 150 ㎡ house type diagram people-oriented is the core idea of the design.

It is understood that the reconstruction area covers 830.25 mu, and 420000 square meters need to be requisitioned and relocated, involving 921 households, 3402 people, 5 enterprises, 1 school and 12 clan cultural buildings, and 252100 square meters need to be relocated and resettled.

In addition, in combination with the original site culture, set the planning and design conditions, follow the village pattern in Southern Fujian, continue the traditional street space, and create three historical and cultural community parks with cultural inheritance, ecological green color and dynamic atmosphere diversity by retaining the Marshal’s house and intensively relocating 12 Clan Cultural Buildings such as the general’s house, Anchang Gong temple, ancestral temple and stage, Provide residents with traditional cultural living space and reproduce the unique style and traditional charm of buildings in Southern Fujian.

The layout planning of education will meet the growing degree demand of the area and create a new business card of high-quality education in the area.

According to the needs of resettled households, six house types with an area of 60 m2, 90 m2, 110 m2, 130 m2 and 150 m2 are designed.

In order to optimize the design scheme, Nan’an Natural Resources Bureau, together with the urban construction headquarters, housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau and Ximei sub district office, adopted the mode of joint survey, joint planning and joint design, hired the design group to design the urban planning and resettlement housing construction scheme in the area, comprehensively shortened the repeated survey and intermediate communication links, and improved the early-stage efficiency of the project, Finally, the resettlement plot was selected in the place with the best lot and the most comprehensive living facilities in the area, and the opinions of the people on the architectural scheme and house type drawing design scheme were actively solicited, which met the people’s vision of improving the high-quality living environment.

The first floor of each building is planned to design an overhead floor to increase the activity space, so that the requisitioned and relocated people living here have more space for large-scale folk activities.

The house was vacated within three months, which solved the difficulties of land acquisition and relocation in the reconstruction of the area, solved the problems of long planning time, poor design and low public participation in the construction of resettlement housing, and also improved the construction quality of resettlement commercial housing.


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