The highest building in the western area of xiong’an Rong has been capped!

As an important part of Rongcheng cluster of xiong’an new area, Rongxi district is close to the starting area and develops in coordination with Rongcheng County, Rongdong district and the starting area cluster.

It has the important function of ensuring the construction of the starting area and surrounding areas, with a planned area of 7.8 square kilometers.

Xiong’an Rongxi area is a comprehensive urban area suitable for living and industry and an ecological intelligent innovation urban area focusing on living and living functions.

On December 15, the construction site of section C3 of resettlement houses in xiong’an Rongxi area, A circular arc office and commercial building with a height of 74.3m has completed the last truck of concrete pouring, marking the capping of the main structure of the highest building in Rongxi area.

The office and commercial building was started on April 30, and the capping of the main structure took only 229 days! 🚜 I’m not talking πŸšœπŸ‘Š Xiong’an’s speed is obvious to all πŸ‘Š ● this promotional material is an invitation to offer and is not an offer or acceptance; ● the introduction of the project or product in this material is intended to provide relevant information, which does not mean that the company has made a commitment.

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It is the highest building planned and constructed in Rongxi area.

Xiong’an Rongxi area is one of the early construction areas of the new area, shouldering the important task of ensuring the relocation and housing of residents around the high-speed railway hub and leading the development of Diandong area.

The rights and obligations of the buyer and the Seller shall be subject to the commercial housing sales contract and annexes signed by both parties; ● some pictures in this article come from the network and are.

Section C3 of resettlement housing and supporting facilities project in unit C of Rongxi district has a total construction area of about 646800 square meters, including 64 residential buildings, 1 office building, 1 primary school, 1 kindergarten, 1 neighborhood center and 10 commercial supporting buildings.

It is reported that the capped circular arc office commercial building is located in the northeast corner of the intersection of Longdong street and Jinbao Road, with a construction area of 17900 square meters, 17 floors above the ground and 2 floors underground, and a total building height of 74.3 meters.

After completion, it will provide high-quality guarantee for the full coverage of high-end intelligent integrated office system.


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