The College of construction engineering held a meeting on student enrollment publicity

On December 17, the 2022 student enrollment publicity conference of our college was held in Room 101 of the complex building.

Bolt Anchor

He first stressed the importance of our college’s enrollment work in 2022, and trained the students on the school profile and publicity caliber to be explained in the enrollment publicity process.

The meeting was presided over by secretary he Meng.

Wei Minghe, Secretary of the general Party branch, he Meng, deputy secretary of the general Party branch, and Yang Lin, Secretary of the Youth League sub committee, attended the meeting.

And made three requirements for the students: first, they are required to attach great importance to and actively assist the college’s enrollment to ensure the orderly progress of the college’s enrollment in 2022; Second, students are required to conduct enrollment publicity within their ability during the holiday; Third, we should raise the enrollment publicity to the height of loving and honoring the school, and actively promote the successful completion of the enrollment plan in 2022 with the sense of ownership of the school.

Dear, the Jidian construction workers on the stamp pay attention to us.

Finally, Secretary Wei Minghe summarized the meeting and hoped that the students would fully support the enrollment publicity, strive for rich and excellent students for the school, and do their best to add color to the development of the school-.

The student union, sub League Committee, class cadres and probationary party members attended the meeting.


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