Dialogue on architectural archives Xiao Cheng perhaps my most correct choice is not to choose deliberately

There is also a consensus in the industry.

Xiao Cheng started from choosing architecture major and shared with us his “natural” growth process.

I drew thousands of them just by hooking my head and dripping water, and the training intensity was very high.

I have to go step by step.

Nie every year.

It needs such a “clumsy spirit” to do well, or what we often call “craftsman spirit”.

My father thinks this major is suitable for me and can combine science and technology with art.

Nov.30 is written and inspired by dialogue.

It seems that this is my character gene.

Although I haven’t received professional training, I like painting at home.


This is the dialogue scene of architectural archives! Xiao Cheng, founding partner / chief architect of Shenzhen Huahui design, is an outstanding representative of local design forces as the founding partner and chief architect of Shenzhen Huahui.

He left us at the beginning of this year.

On the other hand, it is also grinding people’s temperament.

At that time, I didn’t deliberately think about why I did it.


Nie’s influence on us is all-round.

What impressed me deeply was the practice of ancient building surveying and mapping in the summer vacation of grade 3.

In recent years, it seems that the proportion of graduates from Tianda engaged in design work is relatively high, with solid basic skills and strong practical ability.

At that time, another graduate student and I both went to the door of Mr.

When I was a student, master Zhou Kai had the greatest influence on my design.

Nie Lansheng, who was highly respected.

So he gave me a clear suggestion: Learn architecture.

Although it’s hard, in retrospect, these eight years have laid a relatively solid professional foundation for me and consolidated my sense of professional identity.

After I went, I was very surprised.

I didn’t expect such an excellent firm in Tianjin..

She also gave me opinions when I chose to come to Shenzhen.

I don’t have to strive to grab, don’t deliberately cater to it, just do things seriously, and many things are different Leave it to the future to define and confirm.

I like it at will, let it be, and make choices along my favorite path.

Ring Clutch

But more and more later, it is found that these seemingly “stupid Kung Fu” and “hard Kung Fu” training may play a key or even fundamental role in the long-term development of a person’s career.

We can often see this kind of model pictures in the Department, including those of undergraduates Guo Xiaodong, Liu Tongtong, Li Xinggang, etc.

I don’t have to worry about many things.

At that time, the teaching contents of Tsinghua, Southeast, Tongji and other schools were similar, but the educational style was not exactly the same.

The motto of my alma mater Tianjin University was “seek truth from facts” (seeking truth from facts) emphasizes a pragmatic and simple style of study, focuses on practical combat, and uses practice to drive students’ professional cognition.

My father knows my character very well.

Therefore, I studied at Tianda for a total of eight years.

We knew master Zhou from his drawings.

He recalls his voice and smile.

The first time I met master Zhou was in 1998.

I have loved painting since I was a child.

Today, the Shenzhen Huahui design led by Xiao Cheng has developed to a scale of nearly 400 people, and has completed many excellent representative works, such as Tibet Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, Shenzhen Vanke Qianhai enterprise residence and International Conference Center, Shenzhen Bay super headquarters base city exhibition hall, Guangzhou Vanke Blue Mountain, Xiamen Institute of Technology of overseas Chinese University, etc.

The choice of professional direction has laid the foundation of my life.

Until now, I still thank my father for his suggestions.

In terms of architecture, Tianda’s training of basic skills may be more prominent, and basically enters a “temper state” from the beginning of admission On the one hand, it is grinding basic skills.

His pictures are all reserved pictures, which are the model pictures of excellent homework.

Later, it was confirmed step by step that I really like this major and is very suitable for this major.

It’s a pity that my husband has been in poor health in recent years.

These are more or less related to the training and edification received in the school.

It is really a very lucky thing to take interest as a career.

The library of Xiamen Institute of technology of overseas Chinese University (completed in 2007) – Tianda style is practical and realistic.

At that time, Zhou Kai belonged to the God like existence in the Architecture Department of Tianda.

My design achievement was gradually highlighted after I was in the senior year of my undergraduate course.

Everything happens naturally.

The architecture education of Tianda is five years for undergraduates and three years for postgraduates.

Architecture is a discipline with strong comprehensiveness, great difficulty and long-term training accumulation.

Later, I will report some of my work results to Mr.

Her rigorous style and pursuit of perfection all her life, and her personal practice in the project have a subtle impact on us.

When I was in graduate school, because I had some free time, I practiced in Tianjin Huahui under the introduction of my friends.

I went to university in 1991.

My love for my major was also higher and higher, and then I got the qualification of guaranteed research.

Let you know that architectural design is not so easy to do.

He is very enthusiastic about what he is interested in.

during his stay as a teacher.

NIE is full of love for the construction industry and is also very concerned about our career development.

Therefore, although we haven’t met, we feel that we are no stranger to master Zhou.

She will always be very happy and encourage me.

He is warm and sad, especially miss her.

I just followed suit.

“From choosing a major to going deep into architecture is not only an accident, but also a kind of luck.

We can feel the influence of master Zhou Kai.

“- First of all, I want to thank my father for doing what I am interested in and becoming an architect.

When I was a little older, I was very interested to hear my cousin who went to study in the Architecture Department of Tianda talk about all kinds of interesting stories about their architecture major and all the architecture masters of that year.


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