Memory: Architecture readable: enter the old husband’s apartment on Fuxing Road, and feel the charm of Shanghai style in the deep Wutong.

For example, the doors and windows are mostly used with iron grille, and the indoor partition is also used with iron grille, which is rare in ordinary low-rise apartments.

Curved cast iron flowers are mostly used for balconies, flower iron railings are used for stairs, curved or shell shapes are mostly used for window panels, and spiral columns are used for window frames or columns between windows.

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393, Wukang Road, “it’s better to build a study than to leave a tombstone”.

The contents include his joining the Communist Party of China in Shanghai, preparing for the establishment of the left League, and founding the national salvation daily..

Wukang building, built in 1924, is an eight storey reinforced concrete building.

This building was built in 1930.

caoying’s wish during his lifetime to commemorate his continuous writing in his life.

The roof slope is relatively gentle.

As a comprehensive cultural exhibition space for the excellent history and culture of Hengfu style area in Xuhui, the building clock in point is divided into theme exhibition halls such as “historical retrospect”, “activation and utilization”, “Hengfu architecture”, “red memory” and “Centennial humanities”.

The rope winding column inside the building of the abandoned mosaic fountain on the roof has the characteristics of Spanish architectural decoration.

Address: 04, building 3, No.

Repair the damaged part of fireplace brick surface as it is; The fireplace covered by the coating was repaired after the surface coating was removed.

Through two years of renovation, design, construction and exhibition arrangement, this old building has transformed into today’s Hengfu style Museum, undertaking the new mission of gathering and displaying Shanghai style cultural style.

Each floor of the building is composed of two residential units, with a variety of house types.

Visitors can use post it notes on the wall to leave their own traces.

The apartment is divided into North and south buildings, which are connected by corridors.

Based on the principle of repairing the old as before, the flexible style of the building itself is retained.

The roof and porch are mostly covered with red tubular ceramic tiles, commonly known as Spanish tubular tiles.

02 Hengfu memory map Hengfu memory map shows the overall planning of Hengfu historical style protection belt in detail.

In this repair, the same pattern was customized according to the existing mosaic, and restored according to the original mosaic ground paving method.

The Hengfu style museum located here is a very special one.

360 degree panoramic image, AR sand table, interactive magic mirror wall, QR code voice guide and other new media technologies bring the audience into a refreshing immersive experience scene.

It is an early work of the famous architect Hudec.

It is a typical Spanish style house with brick and wood structure.

In the “Hengfu architecture, style roaming” exhibition hall, you can fully enjoy the typical representatives of various architectural styles in the style area.

62 Fuxing West Road.

The combination of the interior space of the building is rich in hierarchical changes, and the internal and external detailed components have a Spanish style.

Address: a British classical garden house in Xuhui old house art center, No.

1850 middle Huaihai Road, covering an area of 740 square meters, was built in 1912; It was added in 1933 and has the style of decorative art school.

Caoying study was built according to Mr.

With AR interactive sand table technology, you can see the real picture and text introduction as long as you scan the QR code of each model.

During the repair process, the construction personnel found that most of the mosaic surfaces have cement mortar, which is covered by the later floor tiles.

Address: 03 caoying study, No.

In recent years, Xuhui District has made protective repairs to this building.

At the same time, it is also a message wall.

The building has the characteristics of buildings in the Mediterranean climate and is suitable for dealing with the hot summer.

The overall floor height of the old building is low.

178, South Urumqi Road.

The facade of the building is provided with arched porches and windows.

The historical drawing is located at No.

Once evolved and lost building components, after research, search and repair, have reappeared the style of the past – the exquisite fireplace covered by wood, the mosaic fountain abandoned on the roof, and a new look; Cast iron window decorations and twist shaped door pocket moldings have also been perfectly preserved and restored.

It is the first batch of modern high-rise apartments in Shanghai, formerly known as dongmeite apartment, also known as Normandy apartment.

01 Hengfu architectural style roaming the exhibition hall on the first floor, you can see the historical changes of the style area; Look up historical records at the magic mirror wall.

In September 1989, this building was announced as a cultural relics protection unit in Shanghai, and it is also the first batch of excellent historical buildings in Shanghai.

On the Fuxing Road West of Wutong, the garden buildings and apartments mainly decorated with ArtDeco art decoration, like an open architecture exposition, deduce the various gestures of Xuhui’s complex landscape area.

As the first exhibition hall with the theme of Hengfu style area in Shanghai, Hengfu style hall is positioned as the “index” of Hengfu style area, inviting the public to enter excellent buildings, presenting history and modernity, and integrating reading and life.

Xia Yan’s former residence takes “red culture” and “Shanghai style culture” as the main line to sort out and review Xia Yan’s footprints in Shanghai.

With Centennial humanities and Centennial architecture in the style area as the core, the original style of the building is retained, At the same time, it also systematically shows the historical changes of Hengfu style area in Xuhui, and shows diversified century old buildings, century old humanities and red memory.

It is worth reading slowly ↓ Spanish style house with brick and wood structure.


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